McBase Project Review: A Supersized Rebase Cryptocurrency

Overall, McBase focuses on creating a fun elastic supply token that can easily price crypto assets through the tangible comparative standard while simultaneously allowing users to yield farm.


McBase leverages the Big Mac Index idea, a measure used by the economist that loosely and ironically prices fiat currencies as undervalued or overvalued. The Index does this based on the theory of purchasing-power-parity (PPP), the idea that long-term exchange rates will move towards a rate that equalizes the price of a Big Mac in two countries.

For this exact reason, the team has decided it would be fit to peg this elastic supply token to a Big Mac price, $5.66,  following suit with the Big Mac Index. This elastic supply token will make it easy for users to price other crypto assets consistently in MCBASE.

Elastic Supply Tokens

This type of token is engineered through smart contracts, where the supply of such token is not fixed as it adjusts routinely. Depending on its model, unlike the fixed supply of Bitcoin and the unlimited supply of Ethereum, these tokens have a dynamic supply. The mechanism used to adjust the supply is referred to as a rebase; these are carried out to inflate or deflate supply without diluting users’ percentage of tokens. Rebases are utilized to peg a token to a specific price using economic laws of supply and demand. The idea is that the supply shift will push the nominal price towards its target price (equilibrium) over time. For example, say a target of $1 per token is targeted, supply will keep changing to realize the target.

Key Features

–Commodity Like Money

–High Yield Geysers

–Big Mac Index


McBase has adopted the Big Mac Index’s idea into its protocol as it allows users to price crypto assets easily. This is especially useful in the world of crypto assets, where tokens can hold extremely low or high values, making it difficult to price them. The team at McBase has provided the following example of how McBase quickly helps users through a tangible comparative standard:


On 1 March 2021:

• A standard Big Mac is valued at $5.66.

• Dogecoin is valued at $0.0812168173339073.

The $MCBASE/DOGE ratio is (5.66/0.0812168173339073) = 69.69

On 1 March 2020, a BigMac cost 69.69 dogecoin (nice).

On 1 March 2022:

• A standard Big Mac is now valued at $5.80.

• Dogecoin is now valued at $0.1624336346678146

The $MCBASE/DOGE ratio now stands at (5.80/0.1624336346678146) = 35.70

As you can see, due to McBases’ elastic supply token model, the price of McBase will always hover around $5.66. This easily allows users to release their relative purchasing power in a fun and simple way.

Liquidity Geysers

McBase goes a bit beyond traditional elastic supply tokens by offering additional yield incentives. The team has created three geysers, Sharebox, Dollar Menu, and McFlurry, which all incentive liquidity providers using MCBASE. 


The first liquidity mining program that McBase launched was the ShareBox, set to distribute 55% of the total McBase supply to MCBASE/BNB LP’s. The first phase began on 2/15/2021, and 40,000 (25% of total supply of MCBASE supply will be distributed in the first 30 days of incentives. The first phase distributes rewards at a faster pace, 10,0000 MCBASE over the first 7 days. This period ends on 2/23, and the remaining 30,000 tokens will be distributed over the remaining 23 days.

This liquidity geyser is geared to reward long term LP’s through utilizing a reward multiplier as follows:

Day 0: 1x multiplier

Day 15: 2x multiplier

Day 30: 3x multiplier (max)

This system incentivizes users to stake for 30+ days as it allows for LP’s to maximize rewards. These reward multipliers are consistent across all three geysers.

Dollar Menu

The team at McBase shortly released a stable coin liquidity pool after the success of ShareBox. Using a play on words, they have coined this liquidity geyser the “Dollar Menu.” Liquidity providers in this geyser will earn 30,000 MCBASE over thirty days, which started 2/17/2021.


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This is the latest geyser to be released after the ShareBox and Dollar Menu geysers have quickly gained a combined TVL of over $1,000,000 TVL. This geyser allows users to provide CAKE-MCBASE LP tokens to earn MCBASE rewards. This geyser has also been allocated 30,000 MCBASE, following the same release schedule as the Dollar Menu.

Concluding Thoughts

The McBase team has put a unique spin on an elastic supply token by relating it to the Big Mac Index. The team has marketed their token fairly well alongside its use case as a store of value or commodity like money. On top of this, the protocol has taken an extensive community approach allocating 55% of initial tokens to geyser rewards. These liquidity geysers generate liquidity for MCBASE while simultaneously rewarding LP’s. Overall, McBase focuses on creating a fun elastic supply token that can easily price crypto assets through the tangible comparative standard while also allowing users to yield farm.

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