Match-Trader Platform Goes White Label Featured With B2Broker Liquidity Offering

The Match-Trader integration establishes B2Broker’s commitment to offering its clients a comprehensive solution.

B2Broker x Match-Trader

After integrating cTrader in 2022, B2Broker – a global liquidity provider for cryptocurrency, Forex, CFDs, and technology solutions for brokerages and exchanges, has continued to expand, with the integration of Match-Trader being the most recent. With the integration of Match-Trader, B2Broker, has announced the extension of its white label liquidity service. Clients will have access to a full white label solution, fiercely competitive ads, and a ready-made B2Core integration thanks to this new integration. This integration is a prime example of B2Broker’s dedication to giving its clients a complete and flexible service.

Match Trader Platform Featured with White Label Solution

B2Broker has developed a white label Match-Trader solution so that brokers can provide their clients with a complete trading experience. By combining all technologies into one product, the new solution significantly reduces broker costs. B2BinPay (a platform for cryptocurrency payments), B2Core (customer relationship management), and the Prime of Prime liquidity pool are all included in the offering. With all the features that Match-Trader has to offer, this new white label solution is sure to be a hit in the brokerage sector.

With its impressive variety of features and services, Match-Trader white label allows online traders to trade with ease and without any stress associated with it. Besides round-the-clock server support, 24/7 technical support, and personal account managers, the company also provides thorough help and support in order to navigate the brokerage industry. In addition to the white label package, the company offers training sessions to ensure that your staff is knowledgeable about the technology.

Match-Trader white label is the right choice for businesses that wish to benefit from competitive trading commissions and advantageous volume charges associated with the business of trading. Additionally, there are no setup fees or costs associated with the configuration of the platform. Customers are only required to make an initial investment of three months as a minimum liquidity fee. As a result, these customers are entitled to a grace period of one full calendar month plus the days since it was established in terms of monthly minimum liquidity and connectivity, which provides them with even more benefits.

B2Core x Match Trader integration

B2Broker also offers a ready-to-integrate version of Match-Trader with B2Core, along with its white label offering. The functionality of Match-Trader will be similar to that of other platforms within the B2Core ecosystem. Consequently, brokers may be able to provide their consumers with a high-quality trading experience, with the ability to open/manage trading accounts immediately in the trader’s room and to connect to the platform instantly.

It is relatively straightforward to open an account with Match-Trader through B2Core. First of all, in order to facilitate the linking of all of your trading accounts, it is necessary to create a user account. Upon creating your Match-Trader user account, you will be able to link your margin trading account.

As of the recent addition of the Match-Trader tab to their Platform tab, the B2Core team promises a number of exciting capabilities and features. A demo account can be created and used in conjunction with a live account to learn and practice trading strategies in real-time. Aside from deposits and withdrawals, the platform is now capable of transferring funds internally and internally to other users as well. In addition, the new download button makes it easier for users to access and execute trades using the dedicated Match-Trader terminal.


The combination of B2Broker and Match-Trader offers brokers a compelling and effective solution for providing their clients with a complete online trading experience. Due to its wide range of powerful tools, the package is ideal for any firm that wishes to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. The impending integration of Match-Trader into IB's programming will open up a number of new opportunities. In conjunction with Match-Trader's integration with IB, traders now have access to a variety of professional-grade trading options that can satisfy all their trading requirements regardless of their business size or complexity.

Furthermore, in the near future, Match-Trader will be integrated with B2Core mobile, allowing brokers to offer both worlds to their customers on a single platform. Be on the lookout for these game-changing products when they become available! As a white label solution from B2Broker, Match-Trader white label offers a wide range of features and capabilities.

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