MATCH Token Unveils Roadmap

The team behind the token that powers the SoccerCrypt betting platform revealed its utility and some of its future plans.

MATCH Reveals Roadmap

The team behind the MATCH token is excited to reveal the MATCH Token Roadmap, the token in charge of powering the SoccerCrypt betting platform. 

The MATCH and SoccerCrypt founders believe that the MATCH token can be nurtured to become a priceless token in the hands of its holders while also being used on an application that provides secure and transparent transactions on top of a smart contract designed to give all its users the same opportunities to grow their accounts actively and passively on an ecosystem.

Why Was MATCH Created?

MATCH token is a utility token built to be used for betting on the SoccerCrypt platform. It provides the opportunity to use crypto on sports betting in a decentralized way – Decentralized Betting.

The MATCH token can only be used on the SoccerCrypt decentralized application (dApp), a transparent sports betting platform. SoccerCrypt is the first decentralized betting platform for sports on the Binance Smart Chain & TRON networks.
One of our main focuses is creating a positive user experience. Smart contract technology can help Makers and Takers play their roles without any human interference, making betting more fun for everyone to enjoy with full integrity assured. 

The MATCH token team’s vision is to grow the token’s value by actively using decentralized betting passively in an ecosystem. Leading the value of the token can be maintained and tend to be increased over time.

The Roadmap

After MATCH token’s deployment in 2020 on the TRON blockchain, we’ve made a lot of progress, including launching SoccerCrypt events and deploying the MATCH token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

We have no plan to slow down during this quarter. We plan on enhancing SoccerCrypt along with raising some funds to welcome the new year strong. 

The benefits of using the MATCH token and SoccerCrypt are: 

We never hold the users’ tokens

Zero betting fees

No deposit activity is required to start betting on the platform 

Direct Peer-to-Peer betting with no middle man or third party 

It’s a secure Smart Contract audited by CERTIK to guarantee fairness 

No KYC process, just connect your wallet and start betting 

Claim your winnings instantly with just the click of a button

Where to Buy MATCH?

The MATCH token lives on BSC and TRON networks. Users have the luxury of finding trading pairs on JustSwap when using the TRON network and through PancakeSwap when using BSC. 

As a community-driven token, we invite you to join our social networks and enjoy fully decentralized sports betting. 

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