MaskDoge – the Next SHIB?

The pup-themed project is set up to potentially reel in a similar market share to its DOGE-based brethren.

The Hype of DOGE

Could MaskDoge be the next Shiba Inu (SHIB)? As most of you probably know, SHIB has done extremely well since its release back in August 2020. It has provided early investors with over 100,000x returns and has been listed by some of the world’s top exchanges. When comparing MaskDoge to SHIB there are some very promising similarities for those looking to invest in MaskDoge. Both are fair launch projects that released their tokens to the community with no VC backing. They are both Doge-centric projects that have a community based focus. MaskDoge may have some other benefits that could allow it to surpass what SHIB has achieved so far. 

MaskDoge is a deflationary token built on BSC that uses reflection protocol. This allows holders to be instantly rewarded with tokens that are distributed directly to their wallet simply for holding MaskDoge. Apart from rewarding holders, MaskDoge also has a charitable element. It will support a range of different charities to provide support where it is needed most. Considering that MaskDoge is only in early stage development, the potential upside is quite notable.

Introducing MaskDoge

MaskDoge was born out of a desire to give back. COVID-19 has caused a great deal of uncertainty in the world since it entered people’s lives in late 2019. MaskDoge’s birth will serve as a means of giving back, not only to token holders in the form of free tokens for holding MaskDoge, which will be delivered directly to their wallets, but also through charitable donations. MaskDoge’s mission is to stand with communities in need until they are able to stand on their own. 

MaskDoge is a fair launch token, which means that when MaskDoge goes live, the community will be the first to buy! There will be no pre-sales or ICOs. They are a community-driven project that gives back to token holders by sharing fees. Token holders receive instant rewards directly to their wallets, eliminating the need for staking. MaskDoge also burns a portion of its token supply, transforming it into a deflationary asset. MaskDoge has been fully audited for transparency in order to provide the highest level of security for their community. MaskDoge’s liquidity has been locked since launch, making it completely rugpull proof. Also, they have a wallet entirely dedicated to charity in the hopes of making the world a better place for those who live in it.

Since MaskDoge launched on the 1st of September, 2021 it has shown incredible strength and was quickly listed on both CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. The community has grown dramatically and the price has continued to rise steadily. 

Key Features

Fair Launch

MaskDoge is a fair launch project. This means there was no private sale, ICO, or pre-mining. This allowed everyone to enter at the same time, resulting in better token distribution. They want things to be equitable and to benefit their community.

Community Driven

MaskDoge is a project driven by the community. They recognize that community support and engagement are critical to their success. They value the community’s input and want it to be heard as loudly as possible in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties involved. MaskDoge strives to provide open, honest communication at all levels and to be completely transparent at all times. 

Holders Rewarded

A portion of the fees are distributed proportionally to all token holders based on the amount of MaskDoge they own. The technique is known as static reflection, and it is used to encourage holding. As a MaskDoge Community member, all you have to do is keep MaskDoge in your wallet to earn a commission on every transaction.

Burning and deflation

MaskDoge is automatically burned with each transaction, making it a deflationary token. The reflection rewards are not received by the initial burn wallet, but they are received by the manual burn wallet. This means that the manual burn wallet receives MaskDoge as part of the reflection process, and its balance grows with each transaction. So far the team has burnt over 104,966,267,216 MASKDOGE tokens. This equates to over $700 000. The team has said they will continue doing weekly token burns which will continue the deflationary pressure on the MaskDoge supply. 

Locked Liquidity & Anti rugrull

As an anti-rugpull safeguard, the entire amount of our launch liquidity pool has been locked. A portion of the fees associated with each transaction are used to replenish this liquidity pool. MaskDoge becomes more liquid and its price becomes more stable with each transaction. Their smart contracts and code will be audited by an impartial third party to ensure security and transparency.


MaskDoge places a high value on giving back. They want to be able to donate to a variety of organizations all across the world. Their community will help select where charitable donations go, and token holders will be able to recommend quality charity organizations. They chose this method to increase the spectrum of groups they may assist while also involving the community in decision-making. Through reflection, their dedicated charity wallet earns incentives.


The MaskDoge team doesn’t want whales to have an impact on holders, therefore they have a hard limit on how many tokens you may acquire at once. The highest buy/sell limit per transaction is 1,000,000,000,000 tokens.

NFT & GameFi In the Near Future

As NFTs are a critical component of any crypto project, the MaskDoge team is working to include NFTs into their ecosystem in the near future, delivering additional value to all holders. In addition, to keep up with the blockchain gaming trend, the MaskDoge GameFi project has been prioritized and talks of a metaverse have been mentioned


MaskDoge is a community-driven token that is available on Binance Smart Chain. Their objective is to offer a high-quality product for their community that uses static reflection to reward long-term holders. Transparency, community, trust, and longevity are essential to their principles. They feel that all of these characteristics are crucial to the success of MaskDoge.

The MaskDoge community, without whom they cannot succeed, is a critical component of their ecology. Token holders are rewarded only for their participation in the community and possession of the MaskDoge token. With their focus on charity, they want to use their talents to help make the world a better place.

With all of the above taken into account and the impressive roadmap, it is difficult to overlook MaskDoge as a potential investment. If you compare the market cap of SHIB with MaskDoge you can see that MaskDoge has a lot of upside potential.

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