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BSCDaily Admin: Hello Tim and welcome to the community! I suppose you’re doing great?

Tim: Hello! Thanks for having us here! Yes, we’re doing great! How about you?

BSCDaily Admin: I’m doing fantastic! Trying to be productive these days. The market is insane 

Tim: Hell yeah, looks like it’s making a recovery!

BSCDaily Admin: That is why today’s AMA is going to be about an interesting project called Marksman Swap. So Tim, are you ready to start?

Tim: Ready and very excited about this!

Q1. What does MarksmanSwap have to offer?

Tim: Thanks for asking! MarksmanSwap is a highly accurate trading and sniping bot. With multiple features and an easy-to-use UI, users are quick to enjoy automated profit making using our platform.

MarksmanSwap is a very versatile trading software. Users can configure parameters to make it fit their desired use case. This includes things like specifying a buy amount, selling only after making a certain profit, selling on rug, and making multiple buys of different amounts in one go.

We also offer multiple sniping modes, such as sniping on liquidity confirmed or sniping on trade enabled.

There’s one mode that’s a show-stealer though: the Mempool Sniper. By using mempool technology, this mode can snipe in the same block as liquidity, potentially getting you the first buy even on a very hyped launch. Of course, lots of token contracts nowadays have anti-bot measures. To counter those, we offer settings such as block delay and gas price increase, which can be adjusted accordingly based on the contract. These settings can be configured per buy, so even if just one buy goes through you can make a huge profit on a hyped launch.

Contract reading is not for everyone and can get quite technical. We understand that, and because we do not want our users to get scammed when attempting to snipe a token, together with StaySAFU we have also implemented token analysis functionality as part of our platform. Users can easily see different rug scores, fees, and whether a honeypot is detected for a certain token.

We support the main chains on which you may want to snipe a token: BSC, ETH, POLY, and FTM. Many more to come too.

The software behind it runs locally on the user’s machine, assuring fast response times, which are vital for volatile scenarios, such as hyped launches and unstable coins.

In short, MarksmanSwap is a universal solution for all your trading and sniping needs.

Q2. How did you decide to start MarksmanSwap?

Tim: When we first started trading crypto on DEXs like PancakeSwap and UniSwap we rapidly became aware of their limitations, and so the idea of using trading bots arose. Our first interaction was not a success as many of you already know, this realm is full of unsecure sources and shady deals. Yes, we got scammed. The sniper bot we bought was programmed to steal our wallet holdings, and we were glad we didn’t invest that much, as we were aware of this possible outcome since the only interaction we’d had was a telegram contacts. This scam didn’t trigger feelings of shame or anger but lit the spark for our project.

So we gathered a team to build our own product. The team is composed of top tier devs working at global corporations in the field.

Q3. Some pretty amazing stuff, how can we access the tools?

Tim: That’s easy, all you have to do is visit our website at

There’s two ways of getting to use the bot: buying a lifetime license or holding a certain amount of MMS tokens.

In order to be affordable to a wider array of users, we offer multiple license plans: Basic, Pro, and Ultra. The amount of MMS tokens required for each of our plans is always visible on our website’s front page.

 Lifetime licenses can be bought at our store at (Psst, we’ve got a 20% discount code exclusively for BSCDaily users today: BSCDAILY20. Be quick about it!)

Q4. What makes MarksmanSwap a better option compared to other bots on the market?

Tim: While for each of our features there’s always at least one bot having more or less the very same feature, there is no other bot incorporating this combination of features in such an affordable package.

Some bots don’t have that much customizability via parameters. With ours, fine details can be refined for a smooth trading experience matching your desired scenario.

Other bots don’t have anti-bot counter measures. We do.

Others have some latency caused by the fact that their bots are running externally. Our bot runs locally, so there is virtually no latency.

Many bots sell blockchain integrations separately. With us, no matter which package you’re getting, you’re always covered for BSC, ETH, POLY, and FTM at no extra cost.

Q5. What are the differences between your platform plans? Can you explain some of the features?

Tim: Our basic plan offers basic sniper and trading tools, you will be able to buy after the liquidity has been added and you will be able to sell the tokens, or a percent of the tokens,  immediately or after a certain profit has been made. We also offer the Hunter Mode, which is designed to buy and sell faster, bypassing pancakeswap UI and metamask UI, saving you up important time by pre-approving and confirming all your actions automatically.

Next on the list, we have Pro and Ultra, both of the plans offer access to our Mempool Scanning technology. The user will be able to use the Basic Features + our Mempool Tools. Users will be able to snipe a token among the very first buyers ( via Mempool Scanning we are able to detect when the liquidity will be added seconds before it hits PancakeSwap, so our users can send their buying transaction at the same time). Various antibot features are implemented across our mempool features to make sure our users get into tokens as fast as possible.

Following is our feature list that we hope is pretty self-explanatory

The Basic Plan includes:

– Sell at X profit/Sell % of your tokens

– Hunter mode for Pump&Dump groups

– Fast buy/Fast Sell for Fair Launches / Stealth Launches

– Sell at X profit/Sell % of your tokens

– StaySAFU scanner – for honeypots and other information about the token you want to buy/snipe

– Pegged Liquidity (you can also swap with BUSD/USDC)

The Pro & Ultra Plans:

– Mempool Snipe

– Multiple/spam buys (up to 5 different and configurable buy transactions)

– Sell at X profit/Sell % of your tokens

– Delay buy (skip blocks at launch)

– Snipe on trade enabled

– DxSale/Pinksale presale automated module

– Sell on Rug (automatically sell before the contract removes the liquidity)

Q6. Do I need to find the launches or will the bot do that for me?

Tim: Good question! The bot can follow one token at a time, and the user has to feed the Contract Address into it. However we plan on bringing a new concept to our main group. A Daily launch list to make things easier, but remember to DYOR, always!

Our lifetime license users benefit from our VIP group where they can post daily launches and discuss strategies.

BSCDaily Admin: Yeah I mean if the bot auto detects the contract, then it can turn bad real quick. Even smart people can be scammed, so be careful with the contracts!

Tim: Yes, pretty much

Q7. How do you decide which new features to implement?

Tim: We are constantly looking for feedback from our community and especially from our users. Depending on what our users need we will update and upgrade our features once a week, once every 2 weeks. The new features are decided by our lifetime license users and by our token holders via a poll, our token serves as a Governance token if you want to call it that.

BSCDaily Admin: nice one, so you can say MarksmanSwap can cater to the users’ needs

Tim: Yes, if the majority agrees

Q8. What benefits do $MMS holders have? What about tokenomics?

Tim: At the core of  Marksman is the $MMS Token. MarksmanSwap has ensured deep utility of the token.

Holding $MMS has the next benefits:

-Unlock certain features inside the MarksmanSwap Platform based on Tier Plans.




-Generate passive income from reflections.

-Access to our Trading Contests. We will host weekly trading contests on our group. The most profitable traders will win a part of the prize pool.

-Governance rights – holders get to shape the future in terms of new features & integrations.

Q9. What are your plans for the year ahead in terms of development?

Tim: Thanks for asking. We have designed this platform with the motto “By traders, for traders.”, so we will continue developing our platform to meet our users’ requirements.

Some very hot features that will be implemented soon are the frontrunner bot & the whale hunter bot, which our lifetime license users will get free access to.

We will bring as many CEX trading features into the DeFi space as possible.

We will also shift our attention into making the platform user friendly even more. Some key examples are: introducing an easy mode for the average basic trader to use, new parameters like stop-loss, stop trailing loss and a trading history tab.

In our final phase of development, MarksmanSwap will be released in the form of a web-based application, making the app available to a wider audience.

BSCDaily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with MarksmanSwap 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Tim: Thanks again for hosting us! We are very grateful for this amazing opportunity! We hope to see as many of you joining us on this journey!

Telegram: @MarksmanSwap

BSCDaily Admin: And thank you Tim for this great AMA! Best of luck to you and MarksmanSwap!

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