Mamanime NFTs Promote Mental Health Awareness

4,949 Mamanime Guardian Spirits will be sold on July 29 to support the cause.

Promoting Mental Health

An NFT project called Mamanime Guardian Spirits on BNB Chain looks to raise awareness by supporting Non-Government Organizations that focus on Mental Health.

The team commits to transparency and community vetted partnerships throughout the life of the project. A total of 4,949 Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) will be available to mint on July 29 for a fee of 0.13 BNB.

“We’re feeling great about the mint,” founder Rumpleverse told BSC News. “There is some positive anxiety of course, but nothing prevents us from walking this last mile. Our NFT art is completely different and original.”

Forty percent of proceeds will be divided between the project’s Community Wallet and the Treasury. The community will also receive via airdrop a portion of the remaining funds in the community wallet depending on the number of Mamanimes they have.

Rumpleverse said, “We’re looking for long-term dedicated holders that will understand project mechanics. Additionally, every NFT will have a generative origin story. For each spirit, you will know when and where she was born, what she did and how she died.” 


Funds that go to the treasury will be staked on various protocols to earn profits. Each solstice and equinox, a total of four times a year, 50% of the staked amount will go to an organization that the community chooses by vote. Merchandise, giveaways, and mental health talks are also part of the project’s roadmap.

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