Major Changes From GMR Finance With a New $GMR Incoming

GMR Finance hopes the new changes give them the flexibility to build as a gaming powerhouse.

GMR Given a Reshape

GMR addressed delays and a lack of communication as they announced they had refined the project and introduced a host of intriguing alterations. The team at GMR hopes the new changes can bring them the flexibility to reach new heights.

GMR Finance CEO Ryan Washington confirmed the announcement through both the official website and an exclusive video on September 24th. 

“We are taking GMR into another level with a more professional and clean feel,” the CEO explained through the video announcement.  

The sleek new logo by GMR, pictured above, signaled the new direction taken by the organization. Washington indicated that the changes have to help push GMR in the direction it wants to take, unhindered by anything that might prevent them from joining the big names of gaming and blockchain. 


What’s New?

The project will see a wholesale of changes. The name of the project will thus far be sounded out as ‘Gamer,’ in a bid to stamp their brand and mitigate confusion around their name.

Alongside the new logo, GMR V2 will also see tokenomics vanish. Instead, there will be an introduction of adaptable token behavior, which offers some drawbacks and allows it to be responsive to unanticipated events. 

The aim is that this will see requirements met for major exchanges like Binance. Hopefully, the GMR team still finds ways to limit token supply or other ways to affect the token supply outside of strict tokenomics.

GMR will be making exciting strides into the NFT space with a GameFi application and even going as far as making their very own ‘Leet’ Non-Fungible. They also explained that cross-chain bridging is a priority for the team, if they are to establish themselves in the space and be taken seriously. 

Their lasting conclusions hone in on the fact that they are a recent project, learning and improving as the weeks pass. The six months of progress they have attained is already a huge signpost of their potential. With the new branding

About GMR FInance

GMR Finance is a utility token that focuses on gaming and gamer experience. With the GMR Center in pre-release, GMR is working toward bringing the gaming community together, offering exclusive content, premium creator partnerships, NFTs,and a great deal more, they explain. They term themselves as gaming crypto by gamers, for gamers. 

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