Magic Eden Resolves Unverified NFTs Reports

The popular NFT Marketplace has assured users of safety and will refund those who mistakenly bought unverified NFTs.

Magic Eden Safe, to Refund Users

Started on Solana, the now Multi-Chain Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Marketplace, Magic Eden announced in the early hours of today that they had resolved the issue that resulted in unverified NFTs being shown as part of verified collections on the platform.

The incident occurred on January 4, impacting 25 unverified NFTs that were sold in 4 collections. According to the help article released by Magic Eden containing a high-level summary, it was a UI issue that occurred due to a new feature deployment released to the Snappy Marketplace and Pro Trade tools. Magic Eden also stated that the platform is safe for trading and that they would refund all users who mistakenly purchased unverified NFTs as a result of the issue.

What is Magic Eden:

Magic Eden is a Solana Network NFT platform that facilitates the buying, selling, and minting of NFTs. The NFT transactions are very similar to Ethereum transactions, except that users will have a 0% listing fee and only a 2% transaction fee, lowering the entry barriers for both new and experienced NFT buyers and creators. SOL tokens are the fee payment method. With a market share of more than 90% in secondary trading volume on Solana, Magic Eden offers the most liquidity to creators.

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