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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone  Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily!!! Thank you all for tuning in  I’m Daley and today I’m joined by RelmyB from Mafia Doge! What’s going on with you RelmyB?

RelmyB: Hi guys. How are you doin’? I’m so happy to be here today. Hope I can answer all of your doubts

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice. I’m doing great, thanks for asking! So are we good to start the AMA right away?

RelmyB: I can’t waitt. Let’s go buddy

Cryptodaily Admin: Superb!

Q1: Please introduce us to the Team behind Mafia Doge. Are you doxed? What are your past experiences with Blockchain?

RelmyB: Yes ofc We are a team with 4 years experience with Blockchain, doing full stack front-end and back end of the project, who are big fans of Doge meme coin. Also a team of committed people who look after marketing, AMA’s, Twitter, Telegram to make sure smoothly transmit ideas and concepts to the community. KOLs from Korea, Vietnam and China are excited with the project to spread it globally and ensure the success. MafiaDoge has provided successful information to complete the KYC process. Our KYC certification is ready below:

Cryptodaily Admin: So how many people are there in the team may I ask?

RelmyB: 4 technical guys and 4 of marketing, community managers

Q2: What is Mafia Doge all about? What are you solving in this market?

RelmyB: MafiaDoge is a token built on BNB Smart Chain. Holding a mission to protect the crypto market as well as bring peace to all altcoins and meme coins, MafiaDoge would be a remarkable project. Anyone who affects the Doge family or even the crypto market will be punished by the name of MafiaDoge.  As a token, MDoge will protect all coins, bring balance to all crypto market. Soon, by the name of MafiaDoge, we will punish all the scammers as a market policeman thanks to our professional developers. Additionally, protecting the rights of investors is also our main concern. A scam detector system will soon be published,.By the name of MafiaDoge, peace and justice will be preserved.

Contract: 0xFC1B2Eb26d1d18Ab01D405424C937Ae72364b1F4

 The application platform checks and reports contract information more perfectly and in detail than Honeypot Detector

 Ownership Renounced

  Audited+KYC by Cyberscope 

  Followed by Britney Spears

 100% SAFU 

 Low tax (buy 3%/sell 3%) 

 No Dev token

 Connecting with many KOLS

Cryptodaily Admin: I love the idea!

RelmyB: thank y

Cryptodaily Admin: I think we should dive deeper into how you can protect us from scammers (as you just stated)

Q3:  Please walk us through the Mafia Doge Scammer detector: How can we use it? Is it a finished product?

RelmyB: A clear view about our upcoming scammer detector application

In this app, you as our users can check the contract of your interested projects if they can be a scammer and hijack all the funds from the liquidity or in your wallet.

So first, let’s connect the wallet. When officially released, there will be some small fee in MafiaDoge for each checking time. Based on this app, you can also check all the official information about the contract including address, slippage, sell or buy fees, ownership wallet, holders, etc… It could be the best way for finding the perfect project to ape in. 

Additionally, there will be a report site for reporting scammers by simple process. All you need to do is giving us evidence of their scam activities. If it’s worth raising an investigation, we will find them and publish all their information for you all to punish them. Also we got connections with the FBI and local policemen. So just stay still and let us do our job in protecting the rights of investors under the name of MafiaDoge.

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow, and you guys can actually find their info, contact the FBI and local policeman? You’ve got some serious connections if that’s the case

Q4: Can we report projects in different blockchains or just BNB?

RelmyB: First is gonna be only bnb supported, then we will go multichain!

Q5: We can also report scammers and if it’s worth raising an investigation, you will punish them. What is considered “worthwhile” for you guys to raise the investigation?

RelmyB: Worthwhile: rugpull, funding stolen, scam presale, scam campaign, etc.. we will publicize elements for that statement in the official community. Please follow strictly.

Cryptodaily Admin: And I think it’s time we talk about your token as well, since there will be some small fee in MafiaDoge for each checking time.

Q6: Please share your tokenomics and its usecases. Is it audited?

RelmyB: Tokenomics

Presale: 570,000,000 (57%)

Add liquidity: 350,000,000 (35%)

Marketing: 40,000,000 (4%)

Airdrop and Minigame: 20,000,000 (2%)

Fee: 20,000,000 (2%)

There will be 3% of taxes for both buy and sell fees

Reward for holders: Protecting investors is our main concern, but all need a share from this mission. There will be 1% from each transaction for holders as rewards.

Liquidity preservation: Maintaining the project is compulsory: 1% from each transaction will be added to the liquidity.

Marketing promotion: How can we spread out the image of MafiaDoge? Yes, from marketing, so the last 1% will be used for marketing purposes.

Our audit is ready. You can review it on Coinscope here:

Q7: What will you do with the funds raised in the pre-sales?

RelmyB: 60% will be for Liquidity. Then the last we will push into 2 parts: buy back the token for marketing purposes. Will do the best for the growth of MafiaDoge

Cryptodaily Admin: You are really focused on marketing Mafia Doge huh. I like it!

RelmyB: Yeah man, do the best. That’s the reason why we choose BSCDaily you know

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey it’s our pleasure 

Q8: Please walk us through the development roadmap of Mafia Doge. What can investors expect in 2022?

RelmyB: Yes. Roadmap 2022


• Unicrypt Launching

• Pancakeswap listing

• 10,000 holders

• Coingecko listing

• Coinmarketcap listing


• BSC scammer detector platform launching

• 20,000 holders


• 50,000 holders

• ETH bridge

• Multichain scammer detector platform

Q9: Where can we find out more about Mafia Doge?

RelmyB: Here are our main channels:

TG channel

TG chat



Join us guys

Cryptodaily Admin: Check them out!!! Remember to DYOR!

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