Lunar Flare Labs Takes Hyper-Deflationary Forward

The new project introduces “Burnamatics” in an effort to innovate how deflationary tactics operate.


Dallas-based tech entrepreneur Freddy Vaca has introduced a potentially revolutionary DeFi token project in Lunar Flare. The project is focused around innovative “Burnamatics” technology and the transfer of wealth, and is built on BNB Chain with significant ties to $BNB. Vaca explained why 

“The mechanics are simple, while their application is anything but. The protocol creates and maintains an active ecosystem by enforcing scarcity. It’s easy: a consistently decreasing supply and increasing demand,” said Vaca.  

The significance the project aims to highlight is that there is no single Lunar Flare develop[er. The team built functionality into the smart contract to include that every person who enters the project has ownership of the contract momentarily through the transaction. If you look up the contract ownership on BSC scan, there are already over 1,000 owners of this contract. This allows the community to claim “We are Lunar Dev”.


“Lunar Flare has exceeded our expectations. We set out to create something disruptive, we needed a protocol that would flip the world on its head,” said Vaca. 

Since its launch, Lunar Flare’s innovative smart code has completed 10,000 transactions, and burnt almost 100 billion tokens, while making a splash on the charts.  In the weeks to come, Vaca and team plan to launch “BurnSwap”.  BurnSwap offers an opportunity to those who have held digital assets which have lost value over time. With BurnSwap holders can trade in those assets and get in on Lunar Flare at no extra cost.

“Why not, what are they doing for you now?” said Vaca

What is Lunar Flare:

Lunar Flare Token is built to benefit the holder and not the project as it was built in the true DeFi spirit. The project only receives 2% to operate on. The remainder of the fees are used to run the mechanics which inherently build value on the token. 

The premise is based around a unique burn mechanism which burns directly from the LP. Lunar Flare breaks the BNB/LFG pairing apart, bakes the BNB into the LP, and burns the LFG LP token away. This locks that BNB LP forever. 

The protocol burns a minimum of 1% of the total LP supply every day. In the first 6 days the protocol burned over 100 billion tokens and baked in 550 BNB into the LP. Investors have seen a 1132% increase in value in just 6 days so far. 

In the coming weeks the team will release Burn Swap which will allow individuals to swap down tokens on the BSC network for Lunar Flare. This allows them to enter the project without adding funds to their portfolios. This is the nature of being all inclusive in DeFi. 

“I have been involved in several token and NFT projects but nothing like this.  We are on a mission to create something for the community that will allow everyone to benefit.  Historically, in these projects, only the developers and celebrities make money, or scammers pull the rug and run away.  With Lunar Flare and Burn Swap, we are putting the world on notice.  There is a better way,” said Vaca.  

Since its Launch following Memorial Day weekend, the Lunar Flare (LFG) token has smashed all expectations held by the tean. With continued success, it could become the gold standard in hyper-deflationary protocols.

Who is Freddy Vaca:

Son of Ecuadorian immigrants, Freddy Vaca is generation trepreneur.  Vaca, best known for his role as one of the founding executives of Powerhouse, Contingent Workforce Provider’s Pinnacle Group, is no stranger to big business and innovative projects.  In 2015, Vaca initiated the “social staffing firm” initiative, a transformational rebrand for all of Pinnacle Group, including a top-to-bottom technology infrastructure overhaul.  

Vaca was instrumental in negotiating the transformational acquisition of the Silicon Valley-based company Provade VMS (now Smart ERP Solutions). The acquisition took Pinnacle Group global and represented over $3 billion dollars in spending under management in over 50 countries. Pinnacle Group operates in all 50 States, including Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Ireland.  Freddy continues to serve as a special advisor to the CEO. 

“The transfer of wealth is very important to me personally.  I have seen communities prosper in unimaginable ways with initiatives like these.  In the months to follow, we will begin brainstorming on initiatives that directly impact specific communities.  The time is right, with everything going on in the world today communities have an opportunity to thrive.  It sucks to be rich by yourself,” said Vaca 

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