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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome you all back to another AMA with BSCDaily!!!! I’m your host, Daley and today, I’m also joined by Mr. Louis – CEO at LuckyDoge!!!

Good day to you too Louis!!! How’s everything?

Louis: Thanks for inviting me Daley

Cryptodaily Admin: You’ve got some cute stickers

Louis: Yeah we also got lovely NFTs

Cryptodaily Admin: Yes

And we will be covering that in our AMA as well! So are you ready to start the AMA? Or do you want to say something first to the community before we begin?

Louis: Let’s move forward

Cryptodaily Admin: And that is what we will do! Ok so to start the AMA, we have a question about yourself and the team!

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and the LuckyDoge’s team? What are your past experiences?

Louis: Hi I am one of the co-founders of the LuckyDoge project, and we have two other core members including Our CTO, Cliff Bruce, who is a tech all-rounder with more than 8 years of working experience in the industry and has hands-on experience in development of smart contract, NFT, gaming, bridge, and our lead-designer, Tammy Mary, who is an experienced UX and UI specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the blockchain industry.

The stickers and NFTs were created by Tammy too!

Q2: What is LuckyDoge all about? What are you expecting to achieve with LuckyDoge?


LuckyDoge: The SAFU LuckyDoge is the most representative of luckiness in the doge universe. We will create a unique IP to spread the luckiness and happiness in the doge cosmo and release its own 1:1 LuckyDoge NFT collectables which can be used in the LuckyDoge P2E game and metaverse. We will also create peripheral physical products such as LuckyDoge figurines, in order to break the virtual wall and finally bring our puppy to real life.

Cryptodaily Admin:

I’m always down for connecting virtual and real world. Figurine is one way to do it! May I suggest having a QR code behind the back/at the bottom of each figurine?


YEAH THAT sounds great buddy

Cryptodaily Admin: It can be a great idea to design each figurine exactly alike to each NFT too, like a real life version of NFTs


Totally agree

Q3: LuckyDoge will release its own NFTs. What are the benefits of holding your NFTs?


The LuckyDoge NFT will be in a variety of styles, each of which is 1/1 and can be used in the LuckyDoge P2E game and metaverse. Everyone can go find the nfts to see how they look on our twitter and tomorrow we will display all of them on our official website. The limited edition NFTs will be useful in the LuckyDoge P2E game and they can use those NFTs to stake or play to make money.

Cryptodaily Admin:

Just going to leave your website here one more time:

Check it out people!

Q4: Not only stopping at NFTs, but LuckyDoge is also building its GameFi and Metaverse. Can you elaborate on those?

Louis: Gamefi

LuckyDoge will offer additional highly playable doge-related P2E games to his massive fan base, as well as money.

LuckyDoge metaverse 

The LuckyDoge metaverse is the result of the ecosystem’s merger. We will launch the LuckyDoge metaverse when everything is finished, such as animation, NFTs, and the LuckyDoge P2E game. This will allow players and their pups to create their own homes in this universe and do anything they want.

Cryptodaily Admin: Looking forward to the gameplay of LuckyDoge!! Also the metaverse as well, it may take some time to finish, but for now, it does sound promising

Louis: We are working hard on game developing now:D

Q5: Let’s dive into your token $LuckyDoge. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of its use cases? Where can we buy it?

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey man, if you can disclose ANYTHING at all about the game, feel free to! We would love to know more about your approach to LuckyDoge GameFi (if possible of course)

Louis: LuckyDoge token will be a BEP20 standard token issued on the BNB chain so you don’t need to pay tax to buy it. Also we have a plan to apply $LuckyDoge as the currency in our P2E game. you can buy the $LuckyDoge through pinksale or pancakeswap. check this


Sales time: 26th, April, 12PM UTC_(The presale will last for 1 hr)_

Pancakeswap listing time:  26th, April, 1PM UTC(At the end of the presale)

For allocation info pl check it on our website:)

Cryptodaily Admin: Phew, it must be an exciting time for LuckyDoge right now. Hopefully, the sales will go better than planned! The timing is somewhat in support of LuckyDoge too. We just talked about Elon buying Twitter

so potentially Doge will rise and and other Doge related projects (definitely include LuckyDoge) may receive something out of this situation

Louis: We will buddy trust us

Q6: Are you audited? Is your contract renounced?

Louis: Yeah the contract has been audited and the ownership has been renounced.

LuckyDoge is Safu:

Ownership has been renounced:

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok I will leave this to the chat to do their own research!

Q7: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?


1. Develop LuckyDoge’s Application & Games

2. Develop Metaverse of LuckyDoge

3. Land planning and game aggregation in the LuckyDoge’s Metaverse

For more please check our roadmap:

Phase 1

➢ Website Design/Whitepaper/Deploying Smart Contracts

➢ Audit Contract

➢ Public Presale

➢ Launching

➢ Distribute tokens to Shib Holders

Phase 2

➢ Influencer Promotion

➢ Marketing and Promotion on main social media platforms

➢ Over 50,000 active members in the community

Phase 3

➢ Design NFTs for LuckyDoge

➢ NFTs open for minting

➢ Produce animation of LuckyDoge’s IP

➢ Create LuckyDoge’s entity dolls

➢ Sell LuckyDoge’s entity dolls

➢ Design LuckyDoge’s peripheral physical products

Phase 4

➢ Develop LuckyDoge’s Application & Games

➢ Develop Metaverse of LuckyDoge

➢ Land planning and game aggregation in the LuckyDoge’s Metaverse

Phase 5

➢ Develop IP Store of LuckyDoge

➢ Cooperate with Hot Brand to launch LuckyDoge-exclusive products

➢ Cooperate with famous entertainer as image spokesperson for LuckyDoge products

➢ Set up a foundation

Q8: Are there any exciting events you want to share? Where can we find out more about LuckyDoge?

Louis: The Presale is coming and our 3D lovely NFTs will be available on our website tomorrow before the presale!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with LuckyDoge

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Louis: Don’t forget to join our presale, don’t miss this! Thanks for the AMA, very much appreciated

Cryptodaily Admin: Well thank you Louis for being here and introducing LuckyDoge! Best of luck to your presale and LuckDoge. Take care

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