Lookonchain Uncovers Massive $34M BNB Loan for CYBER and SEI Farming by Whale Investor

Whale Borrows 140,000 BNB worth $34 Million

A whale investor recently borrowed a substantial amount of 140,000 BNB (Binance Coin) valued at $34 million from Venus and subsequently deposited it into the Binance exchange.

Whale’s Suspected Intention: Farming CYBER and SEI

Lookonchain, the smartmoney on-chain platform, has brought to light this intriguing event and suspects that the whale’s primary objective might be to stake the deposited BNB in order to engage in farming activities related to the native tokens of CyberConnect, namely CYBER and SEI.

About CYBER and SEI Tokens

CYBER is the native token of CyberConnect, which is a recently launched Web3 social network platform. It holds significant potential in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.

SEI is another token associated with CyberConnect, and both tokens are attracting considerable attention from crypto enthusiasts.

User Response to the Whale’s Action

The whale’s actions have sparked widespread interest within the crypto community. Users have been actively responding to Lookonchain’s tweet about the incident.

User Opinions and Questions

One respondent, in particular, viewed the whale’s move as ‘a big gamble,’ reflecting the uncertainty surrounding such significant transactions.

Another user questioned the rationale behind the whale’s borrowing strategy, suggesting that outrightly buying CYBER and SEI tokens might have been a more straightforward approach. This user, Vikas Yadav, also inquired about the interest rate the whale would be required to pay on the borrowed BNB tokens.


The borrowing of such a massive amount by the whale investor to potentially engage in CYBER and SEI farming highlights the evolving and dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency landscape. As the situation unfolds, the crypto community eagerly awaits the outcome of the whale’s strategic move.

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