LlamaBills – Spitting on Tradition

The srnArtGallery project is humor-filled at its core, but also provides substantial incentives for holders.

LlamaBills Launch is Imminent

srnArtGallery will be launching their LlamaBills Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection sale on August 27th 18.00 UTC. srnArtGallery describes these NFTs as “spitting” on traditional fiat as the financial industry undergoes a transformation into the digital space. The humorous depictions of the degenerate llamas are meant to inspire both laughter and an attitude shift towards the adoption of cryptocurrency.

What Will the Llamas Do?

Besides their contemptuous appearance, the LlamaBills will reward users for holding them. Users will be assigned ‘roles’ in the srnArtGallery Discord server based on the amount of Llama Bills held, and will reward an according amount of $SISTA (srnArtGallery’s native token) on a weekly basis.

Each LlamaBill is serialized starting from #1 to #500. There are varying levels of rarity, with 20 bills being based on twenty coins that were birthed by the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

LlamaBills can be purchased on their official website or via the Babylons secondary market.

Server Roles

$SISTA Distribution for Llama Bills Collection NFT HODLing Program:

@Swapper → HODL 3-9 NFTs → 25000 $SISTA Weekly

@Decentralized → HODL 10-49 NFTs → 75000 $SISTA Weekly

@ChainBreaker → HODL 50-99 NFTs → 175000 $SISTA Weekly

@LandLord → HODL 100 and More NFTs → 350000 $SISTA Weekly

The HODL period will be active for 12 weeks, after which the team will reassess a new staking opportunity for those holding the LlamaBills.

For example: 75000 $SISTA will be shared between the number of members that have @Decentralized role. If there are 10 @Decentralized, each member will be rewarded with 7500 $SISTA Weekly. Regardless of the final operation of rewards, srnArtGallery has assured us at BSC News that there will be another rewards system for LlamaBills holders.

LlamaBills will not be locked into wallets, although if they are sold/transferred a user could lose their role if they no longer have the requisite holdings.

You Could Win Big

Beyond the holding rewards, srnArtGallery has created another incentive to boost the distribution and sales of LlamaBills. If specific sale thresholds are met, users will have the chance to win a sizable chunk of currency. The amount won will be decided based on the amount of LlamaBills that are minted, which is determined by sales of the tokens.

After 4 weeks of sales, if:

2500 LlamaBills are minted 1 lucky winner will receive  2500$

5000 LlamaBills are minted, 1 lucky winner will receive 5000$

7500 LlamaBills  are minted, 1 lucky winner will receive 7500$

If the LlamaBills are sold out, 1 lucky winner will receive 10000$

*Any mint quantity between the stated numbers will be rolled down to the amount of giveaway for prize distribution.

By providing so many incentives for users to acquire the NFTs, srnArtGallery is able to create a real demand for the degenerate animals.

Non-Fungible Ape (NFA) Holder Rewards

In a collaboration with BSC rising star ApeSwap, srnArtGallery will also offer similar rewards and roles on their Discord server for holders of NFAs. These simian NFTs are a colorful representation of the colloquialism “ape”, an investor who puts high hopes (and a lot of cash) into an asset.

“Non-Fungible Apes” Collection Role Requirements for NFT HODLing Program

@LilChimp → 1NFTs and More → 10000 $SISTA Weekly

@BigMonke → 2NFTs and More → 20000 $SISTA Weekly

@KingKong → 3 NFTs and More → 30000 $SISTA Weekly

The NFA holder rewards period will last for six weeks, at which time the team will revisit the strategy and offer a new opportunity for NFA holders.

Concluding Thoughts

As the financial space begins to merge with digital technology, traditional financial operations are becoming more obsolete. Humorous yet intelligent, projects like srnArtGallery are a part of a new wave of financial products. If you want to ‘spit’ on archaic fiat sensibilities or go bananas on investments, check out LlamaBills and Non-Fungible Apes on the srnArtGallery platform!

To learn more about LlamaBills, srnArtGallery, and ApeSwap, visit the following links:

srnArtGallery: Website/Twitter/Discord/Medium/Telegram

ApeSwap: Website/Twitter

Source : bsc.news

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