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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome you all back to another AMA with BSCDaily!!!! I’m your host, Daley and today, I’m joined by Owl – CEO at Liver Bird! How are you doing?

Owl: I am good after fixing problem with my project. Yesterday is a long day with me.

Cryptodaily Admin: Man, I bet. The team must be sleepless sorry for laughing but are you ok to answer to the community today?I’m sure there should be some good questions about Liver Bird and your updates on the contract too.

Owl: Of course. My pleasure!

Cryptodaily Admin: My man! Love the devotion. So shall we start our AMA right now? Or do you have anything to say to the community first?

Owl: At first, I want to say sorry with my community about the trouble yesterday. I promised that, we will never get any trouble like that. And thank you.

Cryptodaily Admin: Well I have not investigated about the recent problems with Liver Bird, but it seems like the Team has fixed it already, and now they are here to assure the community. So let’s start the AMA right away and not keep everyone waiting!

Q1: Who are the creators of Liver Bird? Are you doxed? What are your Blockchain-related experiences?

Owl: I am one of creators of Liver Bird. I KYCed with CoinScope. I have two years experince about block-chain. Currently, I am Smart Contract Developer

Cryptodaily Admin: What have you been doing in those 2 years if you don’t mind me asking? Are you a developer or a trader/hodler?

Owl: I am developer, also holder. My favorite coin is BNB

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s a great one to hold for long-term! but I expect the answer to be your own token though

Ok so you’re a smart contract developer and you have been doing so for the last 2 years!

Q2: Please elaborate on what Liver Bird is? Are you a fan token of LiverPool?

Owl: As you know, Liver Bird – a part of Liverpool’s modern, rather than ancient, folklore. It is a symbolic mythical creature which has been a Liverpool icon for over 800 years. I am big fan of LiverPool

About Liver Bird token, we created it aiming to promote Liverpool. LiverBird give you the power to unlock VIP rewards and access to exclusive promotions, games, chat related to Liverpool.

Cryptodaily Admin: oh wow. And are these games, promotions, chat,… directly related to the football team Liverpool? Meaning are you officially collaborated with Liverpool

Owl: I wish that true. But LiverBi like fan token

Cryptodaily Admin: ah I see

Q3: What are you trying to achieve with Liver Bird?

Owl: We create this token to connect person who is fan of Liver Pool.  We also design NFT for them. We want to promote, support for Liverpool.

Cryptodaily Admin: Spread the love for Liverpool I see.

Ok so bring Liverpool fans together through Liver Bird and create utilities, including NFTs at the moment.

Owl: I think everyone has their own passion

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s true!

Owl: Yes

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok so early on this AMA, you talked about having some problems with Liver Bird’s contract. Can you elaborate on what the problems are, and what did you do to fix it?

Owl: I got two problems yesterday. When my ILO filled, someone attacked my LP contract. He/she sent a small WBNB to LiverBi-LP Contract. So I can not end my ILO. But I fixed it. After that, my contract had issue with function – swapTokenForBNB. This is main reason I have to fix it and create new one

Cryptodaily Admin: Man that’s rough

Owl: I have to snapshot and airdrop for all investors. Currently, I paused trading and unpause it later.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s the way to do it.

Q4: We will touch on that later on, for now, I want to know more about your security. Is Liver Bird audited by any third party? Is your contract renounced? Also, please tell us whether it’s audited before or after the ILO.

Owl: Liver Bird is audited by CoinScope. It will be renounced ownership when I unpause trading. And I have to sure that everything ok.  My new Contract is auditing. But I tested it. So do not worry. It worked.

Cryptodaily Admin: ok so this contract is under an audit.

Q5: So let’s move on to your new token. What is your token $LiverBi’s use cases? Also, please explain your tokenomics to the audience

Owl: LiverBi is used for minting NFT, trading NFT and more use case I will development in the future. About tokenomics, 3% tax will be allocated into the Marketing Wallet, the other 2% tax will be used for Development activities.

Cryptodaily Admin: You are really stressing on the NFTs, and that’s what we are going to find out more about.

Q6: Let’s talk Liver Bird NFTs, what are the benefits of holding your NFTs?

Owl: With people who holding NFTs, they can trade it on NFT Market, use it as whitelist Ticket for testing new features

Cryptodaily Admin: What about the VIP rewards, games,… will holding Liver Bird NFTs grants you those rights?

Owl: Of course. Maybe in some case, I have to deploy new token

Cryptodaily Admin: Can you tell us more? I thought you have already coded a new smart contract?

Owl: Liver focus to NFT so with more features likes Game and Reward, maybe I will deploy new token for it. New token related to LiverBi.

Cryptodaily Admin: ah the dual token model.

Owl: That right

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok, I mean if you think it’s necessary for the sustainability of Liver Bird and if the community agrees on it, why not. So I guess that’s going to be in the pipe line of Liver Bird

Q7: We would love to know more about your plans in 2022, something that’s about to be released. What is in the development plans of Liver Bird in 2022?

Owl: I have clear roadmap. In 2022, I forcus to Marketing, Holders and NFT development

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok. I will leave this to you to disclose to the Liver Bird community in the following weeks then!

Q8: Are there any events you want to share? How do we get involved in Liver Bird now?

Owl: The special events today is Liver Bird will open trading in some hours. You can participate in my community from Telegram and Twitter now

Cryptodaily Admin: What about the fair launch? When is it happening?

Owl: That mean we have mapped old contract -> new contract. Nothing change with investors from ILO and bought when token listed. LiverBi will open trading at 18:00 UTC 26 Apr 2022

Cryptodaily Admin: phewwww. 2 more hours to go!!!

Q9: So for our last question with Liver Bird: Where can we find out more about Liver Bird?

Owl: You can find out more about Liver Bird from my web:, TG channel:, TG chat: and Twitter:

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for this!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Liver Bird

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Owl: At last, I want to say thank to all people here. Do not forget that LiverBi will open trading in a few hours. Thank you.

From Liver Bird with love

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Liver Owl for being here and introducing us to the Liver Bird project! Though you had some issues with the old smart contract, the Team is working to compensate for the investors, so we are looking forward to that. As for the upcoming open trade event, best of luck and may it sails smoothly! Take care!

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