LittleGhosts NFT Heating Up with Soundtrack Drop and Cronos Push

After recently updating their white paper, LittleGhosts NFTs is building out the ecosystem before the closed alpha launch.

LittleGhosts Braces for Closed Alpha 

LittleGhosts NFT completed integration to its eighth chain, with the move to Cronos first solidified by purchases made on Ebisu’s Bay. The team also just dropped the soundtrack for gameplay.

LittleGhosts released a flurry of updates to their community since updating the whitepaper on April 20. The latest whitepaper update comes as the team divulged more details on the Ectoplasm or ECTO utility token, which gives players multipliers in the game. Little Ghosts is also pushing hard for interoperability across many chains by finishing the Cronos integration. 

“The month of April should be closing VERY strong with the anticipation of the #P2E MMO releasing,” tweeted @creepsandcrawls on April 16.

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The ecosystem’s growth will be crucial for the multiplayer aspect and to test the game’s capability before the closed Alpha arrives. So far, the team has built out the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, and the closed Alpha is expected by the end of April.

“​​In this MMO, you’ll take on the role of a tiny ghost and battle fearsome creatures like Medusa and Cerberus. With your EctoSkeletons and friends by your side, you’ll vanquish these monsters to earn $ECTO for yourself and your guild!” the team tweeted on April 23.

It was also confirmed in a Twitter Spaces on April 20 that the team is building out its team to charge forward into the game’s launch expected later in 2022. The early game images are building the hype for Little Ghosts as the team continues to work hard behind the scenes.

Be sure to check out the team’s full Twitter Spaces from April 20, as they recapped important details from the whitepaper

What is LittleGhosts:

LittleGhosts is a Play-to-Earn MMORPG that is based on cryptocurrency and NFTs. The game is powered by Unity and offers a truly unique 3D experience. The project began as a collection of 10,000 randomly generated animated NFTs on the BNB Chain. The project has a long roadmap ahead of it, including our custom marketplace, which will be released once minting begins, and an online play-to-earn multiplayer game. There will also be a BSC token released as well after the minting is done that will reward the holders 10% BNB and reward minters of the NFT 2%. 

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