Little Ghosts NFTs Releases Marketplace Updates

Little Ghosts has been working hard to get a quality product ready and looks set to build a sustainable following.

Little Ghosts Marketplace Updates

The Little Ghosts NFT project is prepared to release several marketplace updates which will give users more freedom to sell and purchase assets. The burgeoning NFT PlayToEarn GameFi of the BNB Chain is in swell moment, hoping to breakout. 

The new marketplace updates are set to debut any day, just a few days after the protocol launched 3D variants of the Little Ghosts. The 3D variants are a significant aestitics upgrade and the incoming new updates will offer direct trades for one or multiple NFTs between users and opens the door for BNB, BUSD, or ECTO token transactions. 

“Buying an NFT project that focuses purely on art and community will either get you completely rekt or make you the richest person on Earth. However, if you add utility to the mix, you’re guaranteed to make it,” Little Ghosts tweeted on March 7. “The #1 #P2E MMO in #DeFi is coming soon and we hope you’re ready.”

The Little Ghosts team sold out last October, and has been slowly building in the background to bring utility to the NFTs. As the recent tweet indicates, the team is not settling on simple art and community, a fully functionally PlayToEarn game is in their sights.

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Little Ghosts Team Twitter Spaces

The Little Ghosts team joined Meme Millionaire in a Twitter Spaces on March 8 where founder and creator Tyeler updated the community on the updates that are leading up to the Alpha GameFi launch.

Tyeler told the community that transparent ghosts should also arrive any day, likely by March 11. The protocol recently launched Dog NFTs, with Doge and Shiba Ghosts now available. The EctoSkeleton relaunch should also be on the way, with around 800 still left to mint. Despite many of the updates, the Alpha Game launch took up much of the conversation.

“I want think the first impression is very important. I want that first look, that first impression to really grab your attention,” Tyeler told the Little Ghosts community. “This will be showen through the gameplay trailer and the first moments in the game. I really want to make that great first impression.”

The Little Ghosts Roadmap for 2022 is jam packed and the game trailer is expected in Q2. The marketplace has also been building strength and momentum into the next steps of the roadmap. BSC News will be monitoring the developments as they come. 

What is Little Ghosts?

Little Ghosts are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated animated NFTs on the BNB Chain. The project has a long roadmap ahead of it including our custom marketplace which will released once minting begins & an online play-to-earn multiplayer game. There will also be a BSC token released as well after the minting is done that will reward the holders 10% BNB and reward minters of the NFT 2%. Additionally our marketplace will charge a tax that will reward minters of the NFT 2%, holders of the NFT 5%, and reward the dedicated team running the project with 3%.

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