Little Ghosts NFTs Floats Under the Radar on BSC, Nearly All NFTs Minted

The minting launch has proven a slow success, now the project must prove its worth with the game launch.

Almost Sold Out

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is set to be graced with another fun GameFi project. Little Ghosts launched last month in August in stealth fashion.

It started with a pre-sale and has slowly begun minting its Little Ghost non-fungible tokens (NFT) that will pair with its NFT game where players can earn BNB tokens.

Tyler, the owner of Little Ghosts, joined the Whale Coin Talk Telegram for the first of three AMAs this week to help boost the project and provide details about the NFTs and the upcoming game. The prospect of playing an NFT game and earning BNBis highly attractive and should prove exciting for fans.

“I’m working to find things that are sold in-game and find a good percentage of the token to fund a BNB pool, where users will earn from that BNB pool,” Tyler told Glenn Jones of Whale Coin Talk. “Hopefully, the game will fund the game in a way.” 

There will only be a total of 10,000 of the Little Ghosts, and over 75% have been minted. The current mint price is set at .32 BNB, which is the average price for an NFT on BSC, per Tyler. The price began at .08 BNB, and as such the price has risen significantly. Tyler confirmed there were whales who minted and bought hundreds of the NFTs. 


The minting is currently a lottery system where the rarity of the NFTs has not been confirmed. Tyler confirmed that roughly 50-70 of the NFTs are rare, and only about 40 have been claimed. 

Little Ghosts Must Appear

Tyler, who has a history with Unity games, told interested users that he is planning for the Little Ghosts game to be an RPG with a dungeon-like feel. Maybe something Pac-Man like?. The game was described to have the NFTs that walk around different realms with options for team raids or single-player. 

The game and project are still in early development. The game itself is set to launch in beta before the token. The token details have not been released at this time. The marketplace has also seen a delay due to a desire to make sure it can handle the transactions and processing necessary. 

The game will need to be worthwhile for users to come over and feel the need to purchase the NFTs gobbled up by the whales. A simple game like this with big BNB rewards has good potential but will need to compete in the ever-changing GameFi industry. 

For those with more interest, there will be two more AMAs are set to occur this week. One with DeFi Saloon and another with Monarch Snipes.


About Little Ghosts:

Little Ghosts are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated animated NFT’s on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project has a long roadmap ahead of it including our custom marketplace which will released once minting begins & an online play-to-earn multiplayer game. There will also be a BSC token released as well after the minting is done that will reward the holders 10% BNB and reward minters of the NFT 2%. Additionally our marketplace will charge a tax that will reward minters of the NFT 2%, holders of the NFT 5%, and reward the dedicated team running the project with 3%.

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