Little Ghosts NFT Shapes Up for August Releases

The PlayToEarn game looks to distribute Founders Loot boxes soon.

Ghost Month

PlayToEarn BNB Chain crypto game, Little Ghosts NFT, looks to kick things off in early August.

Little Ghosts is a collection of 10,000 2D animated NFTs that were minted in October 2021. The project is now focusing on gamifying their NFTs. According to their roadmap, a Closed Alpha MMO is currently ongoing, while the infrastructure to support the game has already been built. In a tweet on July 24, Little Ghosts announced that they’ll be releasing Founders Loot Boxes through giveaways and minting.

“Are you ready? Founders Lootboxes are coming early August,” the greek mythology inspired project said. “They are filled with many exciting things! Info on how to obtain them will be released next week. You will be able to mint them and a part of the supply will be airdropped.”


Players looking to get a loot box have to reach level 5 by completing quests on the game’s questboard. Quests range from purchasing a Little Ghosts NFT to sharing content and following different dev team members. Each additional three levels above level 5 gives the player a raffle entry to win another loot box. The community can also monitor the project’s Twitter account for more ways to earn a loot box.

The Little Ghosts are NFT skins that can be equipped to in-game characters and used in their PlayToEarn game. Rarer skins have perks associated with them that can affect gameplay. As of writing, a total of 1140 NFTs are listed on their marketplace, with a floor price of 0.125 $BNB. 

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