Little Ghosts NFT Buys BitPunks Ecosystem

Little Ghosts’ purchase of BitPunks, BitMen, and BitSquad allows the integration of the BBITS ecosystem into Little Ghosts’ protocol.

Founder of Little Ghosts NFT, a BNB Chain PlayAndEarn Web3 protocol, recently bought the BitPunks ecosystem and plans to integrate the project to Ghost Labs.

After a promising August update and a sneaky September mint progress, the team revealed shocking news last September 22 through a Tweet revealing the acquisition of the BitPunks Ecosystem on the BNB Chain. The purchase by Little Ghost NFT founder, Tyeler McClard, has made BitPunks, and all associated NFTs, available to be integrated into the former’s ecosystem at some point in the future.

“We have plans to rejuvenate the stalled minting of BitMen,” McClard told BSCNews. “[plans include] offering promotions and integrating BBITS into the Little Ghost game in some way. We have not fully developed the plan, but more will be released in the coming months.”


The BitPunks ecosystem includes other NFTs like BitMen and BitSquad. BitPunks and BitSquad are already sold out and can be traded on Rareboard or NFTKey, while BitMen can still be minted on Rareboard and the BBITS website.

BitPunks is a collection of a hundred handcrafted 3D-models of Cryptopunks and was fully minted within three hours of its release last January 2022. BitSquad has a supply of around 96 NFTs and took inspiration from PancakeSquad. There are 1,000 BitMen that can be minted and these NFTs take inspiration from different aspects of life.

The acquisition also comes just in time as the Little Ghosts team will now be working under a new company name called GhostLabs.

“We just recently launched our company name GhostLabs. Little Ghosts have always been part of a bigger picture for the direction we are trying to take in web3. BBITS were a great way for Ghost Labs to expand on BNBChain,” said McClard.

The Little Ghosts team did not really plan on acquiring the BBITS ecosystem initially. An opportunity presented itself and the team decided that it was a good fit before actually pushing through with the sale.


“We have always loved the art of the BBITS since their creation, and believed we could help it expand in ways that no one has imagined yet,” McClard continued saying. “Our goal is to ensure BBITS live on as as historical NFTs on BNBChain while we build stuff for it along the way.”

It will be interesting to see what GhostLabs has in store for the BBITS ecosystem as it also continues to shape up its Little Ghost MMORPG blockchain game inspired by Greek mythology. Currently, the team is in the middle of minting their founder’s loot box, which includes a chance to win real world items like a Nintendo Switch and a Macbook Pro.

The Little Ghosts team gave an update on the progress of three major categories they identified before the launch of their Beta version. Both the backend game server, and website are at least 75% done, they revealed.

When asked if more NFT collections will make their way to the Little Ghost ecosystem, the founder had this to say about that possibility:

“Not as of now, but if the opportunity arrives we might. Our main goal though is building the products we currently have and the ones not released yet,” answered McClard.

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