Little Baby Doge – More Than the Average Meme Coin

Combining the popularity of memes with a noble cause, Little Baby Doge seeks to provide goodwill in a climate of negativity.

Financial Freedom is Here to Stay

The demand for decentralized money continues to grow as people from all walks of life join the crypto movement to access financial freedom. However, apart from financial freedom, the world climate change crisis is also a topic that is top of mind for most global citizens. Little Baby Doge combines these two agendas into one project that aims to make the world a better place.

What is Little Baby Doge?

Little Baby Doge is an innovative cryptocurrency platform designed to integrate charity with the cryptocurrency wave in an impactful, fun, and exciting endeavor that will change the world as we know it. 

Intending to use the revolutionary power of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain to change how the world views climate change, Little Baby Doge takes on the fun spirit espoused by meme coins such as Dogecoin to bring about a coin like no other. An added advantage is building their smart contract on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a parallel Binance chain which empowers smart contracts.

The project was founded by an active international team of climate activists in Stockholm, Sweden, who wanted to take action against the dangerous effects of global warming by producing an impactful solution beyond only creating awareness.

With a rallying call that inspires giving back to mother nature and a commitment to protecting the human family in every way possible, Little Baby Doge is pioneering a first-of-its-kind meme coin to champion climate change awareness. 

What Makes Little Baby Doge Stand Out?

Meme coins are a dime a dozen and everyone at this point has heard about every run-of-the-mill cryptocurrency that promises to be the ultimate payment platform set to bring about financial inclusion and freedom. Going above and beyond Dogecoin is the main focus of the Little Baby Doge project.

However, Little Baby Doge ($LBD) is a different meme coin altogether. It features a hyper-deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain which is one of the fastest and most scalable networks out there.

With tokenomics that rewards token holders with 2% of the network’s transaction fees, LBD holders stand a chance of making substantial gains by simply holding the token. 

Add that to the fact that the token comes with a deflationary measure where 6% of the token’s total supply is bought back from the market to be burned thus eliminating them from total supply and you have a cryptocurrency with built-in scarcity.

LBD’s Future Outlook

Although $LBD is supposed to be a fun and exciting coin for a project that galvanized noble action takers and climate activists, it is easy to see that in a meme coin contest, $LBD could emerge on top given its multiple initiatives.

For one, the project’s focus on charity with an agenda to save the world from climate change is sure to attract a huge audience given the rising number of Gen Zers in today’s culture who are continuous about the environment. 

Inspired by the actions taken by Greta Thunberg to advocate for the fight against climate change, Little Baby Doge will dedicate 1% of its transaction fees to Greta’s foundation. 

Other exciting features that make up the Little Baby Doge ecosystem include a decentralized exchange for swapping LBD against other tokens. LBD also comes with a yield farming platform as well as an NFT marketplace.

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