Little Baby Doge ($LBD) Staking and Farming/Liquidity Mining Now Live

The platform continues to expand its passive income opportunities with its latest feature releases.

Staking Goes Live

The main mantra behind the Little Baby Doge project is to establish a level playing field where crypto enthusiasts can diversify their investment portfolios while playing an active role in preserving the integrity of our planet.

Their unique approach in the altcoin space has proven to be the most efficient avenue for growth for their investors. With $LBD, every crypto enthusiast, be it a newcomer or seasoned participants, there are divergent rewards systems in store to ensure everyone gets to make a living.

The most recent rewards system from the Little Baby Doge team is the upcoming rewarding stake and earn ecosystem on their Dapp.

Yield farming, also known as liquidity mining, involves a system of earning cryptocurrencies by temporarily lending crypto assets to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms in a Permissionless environment. On the other hand, staking is a mechanism derived from the Proof of Stake consensus model, an alternative to the energy-fueled Proof-of-Work model where users mine cryptocurrencies.

Little Baby Doge’s Staking and Farming  

The Little Baby Doge project is happy to announce their staking and liquidity mining/farming on the project’s decentralized platform. The project has allocated $LBD tokens for staking and liquidity mining or farming rewards for a period of 12 months.

The main focus of the Little Baby Doge project is to create a secure and reliable stake and earn ecosystem according to their team. By using a proof-of-stake algorithm in their smart contract, the project leans towards their mantra of fighting climate change as this algorithm is the most efficient and environmentally friendly mining system.

The returns are directly dependent on the amount of assets the investors stake, so the more the staked tokens, the more the rewards.

This farming system is unique to the Little Baby Doge project as it technically improves the integrity of the token’s network while improving the price of the $LBD asset, since only a limited amount will be in circulation.

The Little Baby Doge project claims to have revamped the altcoin arena with their approach to staking, where investors would be able to deposit a minimum amount and earn exponentially; establishing a passive form of income where their money works for them.

How Little Baby Doge Farming and Staking Works

As the activity and volume on the Binance Smart Chain increases, the $LBD team is increasing and facilitating liquidity for trading on their decentralized platform through a BSC Liquidity Farm.

$LBD tokens will be distributed as rewards to liquidity providers who will add liquidity to the LBD-BNB and/or LBD/BUSD Pools on PancakeSwap then participate in staking their LP tokens on the project’s farm live on Other available pools include BNB-BUSD, ADA-BNB, USDT-BNB, BTC-BNB, and ETH-BNB. You will earn $LBD by staking on these pools.

The project is coming up with a pioneer front-loading rewards system where they will distribute tokens for this venture. This is a dynamic approach for such a budding project that is bound to deliver appealing APR/APY.

When you stake LBD-BUSD LP tokens as a liquidity provider, you can earn yield by receiving $LBD tokens as rewards.

How the LBD Liquidity Farm Stands Out

Dynamic APR/APY

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Minimum time to stake: 10 days

No Lock-up Period: For you as a liquidity provider to redeem your rewards, you need to stake for a minimum of 10 days. Before this 10-day period ends, you are free to withdraw your LP tokens, but your rewards will be burned.

$LBD BSC Token Contract Address: 0xf67006f8d22edEbd1191f3E728ab9a90289e6C38

Please Note: Important: LP Farming/Staking involves risks such as Impermanent Loss — make sure to be aware of those risks before staking.

The visionary underdog in the Dogecoin family offers comprehensive digital investment alternatives whilst maintaining its fight against the climate menace, according to its team.

For more information, visit the project’s website and socials:

·         Website

·         Twitter

·         Mail: [email protected]

·         Telegram

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