Lithosphere (LITHO) Previews Season 1 of Finesse P2E for the Jot Art Metaverse

Gamers can get a sneak peek of Lithosphere’s highly anticipated Finesse P2E game series.

Seattle, WA – Feb. 13, 2023 – Lithosphere developer, KaJ Labs, announced the official release of its season preview of the upcoming Finesse: Shadow Warriors game in the Jot Art metaverse. Gamers can get a sneak peek for Android or Web browser. Shadow Warriors is slated to officially launch on April 18, 2023.

Created in the tradition of high adventure, Finesse: Shadow Warriors is the first chapter in the Finesse game series. Gameplay takes place in a mystical, magical world where heroes arise.

Finesse: Shadow Warriors is a P2E game featuring mixed RPG elements. It’s the first chapter in the Finesse game series and launches on April 18, 2023. Gamers can play for free in PvE mode. For battling in PvP 1v1 play, gamers will need to purchase an NFT from the Finesse NFT collection released last year.

The Finesse: Shadow Warriors game will be used to burn 2.5 trillion in Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) when it launches. Lithosphere will integrate LUNC in the game launch, one of the first supported networks. The 2.5T LUNC burn will be tracked in real time via the recently launched burn alot portal.


The April 18, 2023 launch of Shadow Warriors in the Jot Art metaverse is indicative of KaJ Labs commitment to blockchain gaming. Jot Art’s aim is to provide a mixed reality(XR) metaverse powered by A.I with community and player-owned economies.


About Lithosphere

Lithosphere is a next-generation network for cross-chain decentralized applications powered by AI and Deep Learning.

About Jot Art

Jot Art is the cross-chain metaverse to play, create own and earn. Jot Art’s mission is to provide an ecosystem for everyone to create amazing distributed virtual experiences with community and player-owned economies.

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