Lithium Ventures – Continuing to Push Their Platform Forward

With upgrades to their staking contract, partnership with Polygon, and multiple successful IDOs, Lithium is making headway in the DeFi space.

Introducing Lithium Ventures

Lithium Ventures is a Web 3.0 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem with a focus on becoming an industry leader in identifying and aiding early-stage crypto projects with high potential. Lithium Ventures began on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is working on cross-chain capability, with an exciting partnership with Polygon in the books.

BSC News is an official partner of Lithium Ventures, working together to promote their full scale ecosystem that seeks to boost new projects and provide tutorial content for blockchain users.

Lithium is an officially registered company in the UK, a proud accomplishment for a crypto project due to the more stringent regulations in the country.


One of Lithium’s most prominent services is their Launchpad, which helps to boost new projects as they attempt to launch.

The Lithium Launchpad seeks to connect upcoming projects with a community as well as initial investors in a cross-chain environment. The Launchpad helps provide fledgling projects with a location to find a place to get started in the hectic world of DeFi, whilst simultaneously providing exclusive access to this curated group of projects for investors.

Why the Lithium Launchpad is Effective

The Launchpad offers more than just a place for projects to launch; Lithium seeks to help developers with idea validation, development strategies, ongoing marketing, as well as their initial launch. Lithium provides a smart contract code and tokenomics audit as well, helping to avoid the exploits that have become a scourge of many DeFi platforms.

A key issue the Lithium Launchpad seeks to solve is trustability/quality assurance. Every project that Lithium partners with is thoroughly vetted, and Lithium also provides a seed investment to demonstrate their belief in every incubated project. Investors can rest easy knowing that time, research, and capital has gone into every hosted project to ensure their legitimacy.

This seed investment also helps solve another issue Lithium has deemed crucial – initial capital for projects. Based on their belief in the scalability and real-world use case a project offers, their seed ticket will range from $10,000 to $100,000 as a rough estimate. 


Lithium has already held two successful IDOs for VICE and Buffer Finance. Their next IDO will be One Button Trader. One Button Trader is an innovative project that utilizes powerful AI technology to automate a trading process, maximizing user portfolios beyond simple holding and staking. 


From the Lithium Ventures Medium announcement:

Total Supply: 10,000,000 OB

IDO Tokens: 2,000,000 OB

IDO Price: $0.10

Listing Price: $0.115

Liquidity: 80%

Date: October 14th, 2021

Time: 18:00 UTC 

How to Participate

1. Go to the Lithium launchpad

2. Connect your wallet on Binance Smart Chain (Top Right)

3. Go to Staking tab and click ‘Stake/Unstake’ select what tier you want and stake your tokens, confirm transaction in your wallet

4. Click Launchpad tab, scroll down to Upcoming Pools, and select One Button

5. When the pool goes live, select ‘Invest’ and enter amount or select ‘Max’ and submit

6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

7. When the pool closes and liquidity has been added to PancakeSwap, you will be able to claim your tokens from the same page

Polygon Partnership

Lithium Ventures has officially collaborated with the Polygon network, and has received a grant from the Polygon Developer Support Program. This collaboration will allow projects to launch on either Polygon or BSC, offering access to one of the most popular decentralized blockchains in the world.

Lithium sought a partnership with Polygon because of its improvements on the speed and decentralization of the Ethereum network. Polygon will provide technical support to projects that utilize the $MATIC token for launch.  

Token Contract V2

Lithium has also reworked their staking operations on their platform. The upgrades are designed to further incentivize long term holding by enhancing reward options, as well as releasing newly-structured rewards.

The old staking procedures were effective, but also limited in their scope of offerings. The V2 staking will offer a variety of new benefits for users.

Lithium has added 4 new pools in the form of time-lock options, which will allow users access to increasing amounts of incentives based on how long they stake their tokens and the tier they are in based on amount staked. These incentives include no transaction taxes, airdrops, increased allocations, and increased IDO rewards in higher tiers of staking. Lithium has also added a new BNB airdrop which is accessible by every tier in the 90-day staking pool.

Other new features include a new staking tier, Evangelist PRO, which is exempt from any oversubscription logic during IDOs. This means every cent invested into an IDO will be turned into IDO tokens, eliminating the limits set in other tiers.

Concluding Thoughts

Lithium is positioning itself to be one of the most community-friendly launchpads in DeFi. By upgrading their staking options, it is more profitable than ever to participate in IDOs and stake on the platform. Their compatibility with Polygon means there is even more potential for Lithium users to discover exciting new projects. With two successful IDOs already under their belt, Lithium seems to be just getting started.

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