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Polygon_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

WJ: Great thanks – good to be here with you all.

Polygon_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

WJ: Yes absolutely.

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team Lithium please have a quick introduction to the community. What made you decide to build your project?

WJ: The project was born out of the need to address increasingly abundant, almost systemic, problems appearing across the early cryptocurrency space. With scams rampant and investors typically more fickle than in the traditional investing space, the conditions for optimal investment conditions on both side of the fence were rapidly eroding. Trust from investors, and belief from founders created hostile communities and skeptical teams, reducing advancement for legitimate teams across Web3.0.

At Lithium we’ve adopted a 3-pronged approach to solving the problems we experienced as both investors and developers within the space. Firstly, our Launchpad at its core focuses ONLY on KYB’d, thoroughly vetted projects headed by awesome teams. We sift through 100s of applications to find these gems and put them through our incubator. This incubation process gives projects access to our network of partners, assisting them with marketing, development, audits, branding, technical and product support to give them the best chance of success. Finally, our venture fund sits behind in the background – taking early stakes in these projects which not only aligns our interests with investors buying at IDO, but also gives founders run-way to spend before the raise on marketing, community and product building.

Q2: Please share with us the background of the team behind this project. What are your past experiences?

WJ: So I take the role of CIO, managing the deal flow and projects we look to invest into and launch. Coming from a Tradfi background, I’ve been focused on crypto for the last 2 years and now manages our fund offering full time!

Ben’s experience is Marketing & Ops in high-growth startups. Over the last 7 years, he’s built a large Web 3.0 network and knowledge to trade and support crypto assets. He is our marketing specialist, if you want your project to get off the ground, Ben is the go-to guy to craft and execute your marketing strategy!

Tom spent the last 5 years building products in high-growth startups. An exceptional product builder (he even has a hammer tattoo!!) His skills in writing and building Web 3.0 products makes him the perfect partner to help our founders craft their launch MVP and value prop.

And of course our amazing community mods who help us manage the TG and provide valuable feedback!

Q3: What makes Lithium different from other competitors?

WJ: Few launchpads have a dedicated fund behind them and back each and every project which is offered to our community via IDO. This not only aligns our interest massively as we have real skin in the game but also gives projects we invest into some initial run-way to stop them selling down their development/team wallets immediately to pay costs. All our investments are vested and this long-term thinking has been developed to prevent pump and dumps and support the longevity of project launches.

The second is for investors, and that’s airdrops. We don’t charge launchpad fees, and instead, choose to give back to our holders, all projects that come through our launchpad give 1% of tokens (or 0.5% for dual launches) that are given to $EBSC holders, complete passively. When people start to understand the power of building up a passive, diverse portfolio of high-growth assets via Lithium, we will grow exponentially. You can see a video Tom made on airdrops

The third is execution. Go look at a lot of other launchpads out there, their site looks like shit, they don’t produce great content, they outsource decision-making on which projects to back through DAO, it’s all wrong. People are investing in Lithium because the founding team has a skill set they don’t have. Look at our site, look at the quality of our YouTube videos, our Medium, and tell me are not a cut above 99% of early-crypto projects, we carry this through everything that we do, and that is why Lithium will stand the test of time.

Q4: Let’s dive into your token. Can you share with us your tokenomics? What are some of the $ESBC use cases? Does it get audited?

WJ: So our current contract rewards people simply for holding the token in their wallet, very similar to many of the popular tokens on Binance Smart Chain. As well as generating this passive income for our investors the token acts as the utility token, unlocking the incredible value to be found across the wider Lithium ecosystem.  Holders of $EBSC can access cool features such as:

– Access to our Funds and discounts on the fees

– Access to our IDO’s

– Votes on community governance

We are now in development of our exciting v2 token contract. This will finally combine all the elements of the Lithium project as we originally envisaged. It brings with it extra functionality, the ability to list on CMC and some other exciting features that we are keeping secret until the swap. The swap is scheduled for early November.

Q5: Let’s talk about Tiers & reward for long-term holders.

WJ: We have a well-defined tier structure that rewards holders depending on the amount of $EBSC (our token!) they hold. We’ve recently announced a renewed structure to better incentivise our backers and the full details can be found here –

Q6: Can you talk about your important partners? And any new cooperation we can expect?

WJ: We have 3 new partnerships yet to be announced which we’re super excited for and go hand-in-hand with our pivot onto Polygon… Watch this space in the coming days! But in the meantime, our current eco-system has various more established partners such as:

1. Misto Design House, we’ve created a launch design plan so all projects can get all design assets they need for launch

2. OpenZeppelin, for Defender

3. Hacken, for auditing and cyber security

4. Antlier Solutions / Adoriosoft for blockchain/token services and front-end development

5. Dexfolio

We are massive about creating an ecosystem of support for our founding teams and always looking to build out our network.

Q7: Can you share your Roadmap & Marketing strategy in the next 6 months?

WJ: The next 6 months are massively exciting in terms of both technical roadmap and marketing. In the next 6 months the Lithium Launchpad will be fully operational on at least 3 blockchains including BSC and Polygon. In addition to this we will have began work on our Fund NFT Marketplace brining an element of trading funds never seen before on BSC. Additionally, you can expect NFT projects from us as well as consistent IDO’s cross-chain in some of the most exciting areas of crypto.

In terms of Marketing, it really all kicks off when v2 token and staking lands. We will be on CMC and are in the process of hiring an industry-leading blockchain marketing agency to supercharge the exposure and growth of Lithium as a crypto project. Expect media coverage, new exciting partnerships, giveaways, and some serious adoption for Lithium. Our previous ATH was a 21m map, with building on Polygon and another chain by the year’s end, we expect to surpass this in no time!

Q8: Where can we find out more about Lithium on social media?

WJ: Telegram:



Polygon_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with Lithium.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

WJ: You can check out our token here on pancakeswap – worth noting since we announced out polygon grant there’s been a new lease of life so check it out!

Only higher from here! Thanks for having me today and love to answer any questions in our TG @lithiumventures.

Polygon_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Lithium.

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