Litedex Protocol – 1st DEX in Indonesia Supported by the Deputy Minister of Trade

The protocol will serve as a meta finance blockchain developer in the country.

Introducing Litedex Protocol

Litedex Protocol claims to be the first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform in Indonesia using the Meta Finance concept.  Litedex Protocol develops various projects that are favorites of investors, such as staking, Farming, swapping, Liquidity Pool (LP), lending, borrowing, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace and bridge features.

Litedex Protocol has the ambition to adopt multiple blockchains, such as Binance, Ethereum, Solana , Avax and several other globally popular blockchains.  This strategy is very important to activate the bridge feature as the main foundation in the Meta Finance concept.

As a blockchain developer, Litedex Protocol is also developing the LDX token as a cryptocurrency with promising underlying projects and a big ecosystem.  Increasing investor confidence, Litedex Protocol is committed to auditing all its projects through CertiK. The LDX token has gone through the Certik audit stage with very satisfactory results.

“The LDX Token will soon be listed on the Global Centralized Exchange at the end of the first quarter.  In addition, the staking feature will also be activated in the same quarter, before listing,” Chief Executive Officer of Litedex Protocol, Andrew Suhalim, said.  “This listing stage is carried out after the LDX Token undergoes the Initial Litedex Offering (ILO) stage.”

What is Litedex Protocol?

Litedex Protocol claims to be the first platform that was actually developed by IT engineers from Indonesia, without involving third parties from other countries.  This has given Litedex Protocol support from the Deputy Minister of Trade of Indonesia, Jerry Sambuaga.  On several occasions, Sambuaga has confirmed his support for the Litedex Protocol, which is expected to compete with other global DEXes.  With its projects, Litedex seeks to boost the credibility of IT engineers from Indonesia in front of global investors.

Along with the presence of technology in the Metaverse era, Litedex Protocol positions itself as ‘The Bridge of Metaverse Wealth’.  With this tagline, Litedex seeks to innovate and adapt quickly to rapid technological developments.  

Suhalim added that the Meta Finance Concept brought by Litedex will be a milestone for the crypto world in Indonesia and Global.  

Big Moves Ahead

With multiple blockchains adopted, Litedex plans to become a ‘one stop exchange’ so as to provide convenience for users surfing the metaverse world. Essentially, Litedex hopes to provide a seamless experience where users can make transactions and exchange digital assets without having to leave the metaverse world.

The concept of Meta Finance could become one of the main pillars in building an ecosystem in the metaverse world.  Litedex hopes their protocol will be an answer as well as a solution for users when entering the metaverse, using tokens from various blockchain networks.

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