Litedex Lists on LBank, Becomes Top Gainer

The LDX token also reached a new all-time-high after listing on the exchange.

LBank Lists LDX

Litedex Protocol has successfully listed on the global exchange platform, LBank. The Litedex token LDX listed its asset on LBank on March 23, 2022. Users can make transactions on the LBank exchange, with the LDX/USDT trading pair.

The presence of LDX Token in LBank has received great enthusiasm from global users. This is proven by the inclusion of LDX in the ranks of LBank’s Top Gainers within 24 hours after listing. LDX even touched an All Time High (ATH) at 0.9 USDT with an ATH valuation of $446 million dollars.


Security and Partnership with Fireblocks

In order to increase investor confidence, Litedex Protocol is committed to auditing all its smart contracts at CERTIK. Several projects that have gone through the Certik audit stage with very satisfactory results are LDX Tokens.

Litedex Protocol has collaborated with Fireblocks, as the first crypto and digital asset platform for management and security.

“To expand the user ecosystem, we collaborate with several partnerships such as Redcomm & CAKRA Group,” Litedex Protocol’s chief executive officer, Andrew Suhalim, said.

Marketing Push

For an effective and massive marketing strategy, Litedex Protocol has collaborated with a well-known Digital Marketing Company in the country, RedComm is a well-known Digital Marketing Company in Indonesia. This Digital Agency company was founded in 2001 and has a solid reputation in the marketing, advertising and media industries in Southeast Asia.

The collaboration with CAKRA as the Game Developer Association is marked by the First Metaverse Signing Agreement which is included in the records of the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). This initiation proves that Litedex seeks to only collaborate with credible strategic partners.

CAKRA, in collaboration with Litedex Protocol through Litedex Academy, entered into an agreement to provide education in blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and game development. This education initiative, called Campus Merdeka Program, will be given to students in 14,000 Vocational High Schools (SMK) and Polytechnics throughout Indonesia. 

This target is also the realization of CAKRA and Litedex’s vision to create wide employment opportunities for people in the gaming and blockchain industry sectors. This collaboration is a signal to the market that Litedex Protocol has big ambitions to develop Meta Finance projects in the Metaverse era.

What is Litedex Protocol?

Litedex Protocol claims to be the first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform from Indonesia that carries the Meta Finance concept. Litedex Protocol develops various projects that are favorites of investors, such as staking, farming, swap, pools, lending, borrowing, NFT marketplace, and bridge features. Litedex Protocol has ambitions to adopt several blockchains such as BNB Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and several other globally popular blockchains. This strategy is very important to activate the bridge feature as the main foundation of the Meta Finance concept.

Litedex protocol has two business models, B2C and B2B. For the B2C business model, Litedex Protocol provides bridge features as a money changer inside the metaverse like an ATM. For B2B, Litedex will provide any metaverse project owner the ability to whitelabel Litedex Multi and Cross blockchain backend Infrastructure.

With the tagline “The Bridge of Metaverse Wealth”, Litedex Protocol positions itself not only as a token developer, but as a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Meta Finance blockchain system integrator in the metaverse era.

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