Liquidus – Introducing DeFi to the Masses With New Web & Mobile Platform

The project aims to simplify DeFi while providing premium yield rates for users.

Introducing Liquidus

Liquidus will bring a rapidly expanding Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem to the masses, breaking complicated processes down through easy to use, simplistic interfaces. It’s here to change how people think about DeFi, with its web and mobile platform planned for launch in Q1 2022. The platform serves as a practical cross-chain aggregator with many tools that make it simple to stake crypto assets on the DeFi protocol, making it available to a wide audience of users.

Some of the challenges that individuals are currently facing in terms of DeFi are coming to an end as Liquidus now has something different to offer. The platform provides premium rates fueled by the decentralized economy, simplifying liquidity, staking, and earnings for users. 

What is Liquidus?

Liquidus is a unique initiative that strives to deliver decentralized benefits and functionalities to a broader audience without the need for a centralized organization. Its use makes the entire DeFi space open to the general public. 

The platform works on a layer X+1 aggregate solution for compiling, sorting, and fetching user-defined liquidity pools over the blockchain. It isn’t just another platform designed just for buying and holding coins. The technology was created to make joining staking pools on the blockchain easier.

The goal is to untangle and simplify the dynamic list of liquidity pairings and returns. Liquidus is a technology that allows for simple crypto-asset staking on popular DeFi networks. 

Because Liquidus is an aggregate solution, it will alter whenever the market does. New bridges and stronger liquidity pairings are being added. It will be able to pivot and highlight market trends by analyzing liquidity pool APYs regularly, always providing the best return on investment. 

Long-term, Liquidus will supplant brokerage firms and pave the way for a new era of investment.

What They Aim For

The truth is that there are numerous issues with DeFi protocols that have yet to be resolved. The current issues are related to the enormous instability in APR, resulting in changes occurring in a matter of hours. 

Furthermore, the processes that users must manually complete while validating transactions might be time-consuming if performed frequently. Other than that, there is confusion about the DeFi protocols (no platform is ever entirely secure) for assisting individuals in deciding where they believe their assets are safest to be put when it comes to security.

DeFi is not self-explanatory and can be perplexing to newcomers. With all of these issues, Liquidus enters the crypto space intending to resolve them through its features: 

Simplicity: Its app is designed to function as an all-in-one DeFi suite, focusing on ease of use. It will guide consumers through the entire procedure with a simple educational interface, dramatically reducing the chances of making costly mistakes. 

Smart automation: This feature allows the platform’s AI to continuously examine the users’ holdings and recommend allocations to other liquidity pools on competing platforms that provide much better interest rates.

Security: They have implemented a comprehensive security examination of each DeFi application, in which their experts will analyze projects, tokenomics, smart contracts, and other relevant factors. 

Incentives: Liquidus Boost was intended to provide users with increased APYs on their assets as a reward. Users can earn up to 200% more APY when they use boost features.


Liquidus is here to change the DeFi industry – and the experienced team behind it is ready, with over 10 previous applications and millions of total downloads behind them. They seek to upgrade present technology in terms of all transactions, including swaps and a simple interface with one-click access to the liquidity pool. 

Liquidus is a community led project that prioritises user feedback and engagement as essential tools in its progression of product range. With the platform holding a native token  supply of 100 million (LIQ), Liquidus will focus its attention initially on its ease-of-use comparison features, with many more planned in the future. 

Individuals will have many incentives in addition to buying and holding the LIQ token, which will play a critical part in the overall ecosystem. There are also many mechanisms in place to keep the LIQ token under ongoing buying pressure. 

To participate and see what else they have to offer, check out their social media platforms: TwitterWebsiteTelegramMedium.
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