Liquid Collectibles – Instantaneous Liquid NFT Sales and Benefits

The platform takes a unique approach to NFT trading with NFT indexes that speed up the process of trading and launching.

Introducing Liquid Collectables

Liquid Collectibles is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) liquid market maker on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). On Liquid Collectibles, projects can create BEP-20 tokens backed by NFTs. These are called NFT Indexes, or NFTi. These tokens can be traded on any exchange where regular BEP-20 tokens can be exchanged.

The Liquid Collectibles platform is backed by the $LICO token. The $LIMOi token is the first NFTi token and is part of the first Liquid Collection, Liquid Monsters.


How Liquid Collectibles is Different

Liquid Collectibles seeks to distinguish itself from other NFT marketplaces. Rather than only offering a platform for trading NFTs, Liquid Collectibles offers a place for holders and creators to maximize the value of their NFTs.

Liquid Collectibles offers an extremely creator-friendly launchpad that makes it easy to both get liquidity for a collection and encourage sales. The launchpad utilizes a tokenizing system that increases exposure for sellers and offers incentives for buyers.

How Liquid NFT Collections Benefit Everyone

Liquid Collectible NFT collections are the first on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to essentially turn NFTs into collection-specific fungible token vouchers (NFTi). These tokens can be traded for other tokens, redeemed for NFTs, or paired with BNB to add liquidity and earn $LICO and $NFTi yields.

Creator Benefits

NFT creators can easily launch their NFTs using the Liquid Collectibles launchpad. The launchpad is unique because of the collateralization options using NFTi; if a creator wants to launch a series of NFTs, all they need is a good quality NFT collection, a strong and growing community, and a good team behind the project. Among the benefits, we have:

Liquidity out of the box – By launching an NFT collection on Liquid Collectibles it becomes liquid out of the box, the collection will have its own NFT index, and will appear in the ApeSwap LICO index list.

Marketing boost – All projects launched on Liquid Collectibles will be promoted not only on our social media accounts but also through display ads and influencer campaigns.

Access to a proven NFTs launchpad protocol with the innovative dutch auction system which prevents whales from taking advantage of other users.

Buyer Benefits

Buyers who purchase the NFTi tokens can pair them with BNB to add liquidity to the collection, or trade them in for NFTs collectibles. Holders of NFTi tokens can also trade them for other tokens; if you own NFTi for a highly desirable collection, this could be extremely profitable.

Liquid Collectibles offers instant buying and selling as well as better price tracking, making the platform a user-friendly place for collectors to monitor their favorite NFTs and snap them up for the floor price. This eliminates the stress of trying to find a buyer for an NFT or taking a huge loss – you can always instantly buy and sell NFTs at a floor price

A full explanation of the process and the benefits can be found in the Liquid Collectibles docs.

$LICO and $LIMOi

$LICO is the main token of the Liquid Collectibles ecosystem. $LICO is the governance token and the incentive for providing liquidity. Users who stake tokens in the pools on the platform or who add LP tokens to indexes will receive $LICO as their yield.

$LICO Tokenomics

Ticker: $LICO 

Contract Address: 0x4F3266a56589357B4f8082918b14B923693e57f0 

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Max Supply: 200,000,000 LICO

$LIMOi is the first NFTi token and is pegged to the Liquid Monsters NFT collection. Users can use $LIMOi to farm yields and get rewarded with both $LICO and $LIMOi tokens. $LIMOi tokens are used to collect Liquid Monsters NFTs from the Liquid Collectibles platform but if you don’t have any $LIMOi don’t worry – you can also collect with $BNB and the Liquid Collectibles platform will take care of everything behind the scenes

$LIMOi Tokenomics

Ticker: $LIMOi

Contract Address: 0x79534DedaE71b7b672Fc997b4a77748AE5fdF5AD

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) 

Max Supply: 666,000 LIMOi


Liquid Collectibles has a lot of ambitious plans moving forward. Going multi-chain, enhanced NFT filters by attributes, and entering NFT Market Phase 2 – buying and selling rare items at custom prices – are some of the most notable plans the project has. As their community continues to grow (and with the support of partner project ApeSwap), this roadmap will no doubt continue to expand.

Final Thoughts

Liquid Collectibles offers a platform for instantaneous sales of liquid NFTs. With incentives for creators, traders, and holders, the platform has a little bit of something for everyone.

With the backing of one of the strongest BSC platforms in ApeSwap, Liquid Collectibles has a solid argument for future success. 

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