Nowadays, the NFT wave is getting stronger and stronger, and because of that, we have many famous NFT trading platforms in the market, bringing a lot of benefits to everyone. However, the operations on these platforms are quite cumbersome, you cannot sell and buy an NFT immediately, it is difficult to track the price, or there is little chance of generating a passive income. And in this article, we will introduce to you a perfect solution to solve those problems: Liquid Collectibles.

I. What is Liquid Collectibles?

Liquidity Collectibles

Liquid Collectibles is the first platform on BSC to give NFT projects the ability to become liquid, thus giving both projects and their users benefits such as NFT instant trading, better price discover and new profit opportunities through DeFi features like pond returns and staking. Really attractive

With Liquid Collectibles, projects will gain the ability to generate NFT-backed BEP-20 tokens. These tokens are called NFT Indexes (NFTi) and can be traded on sites like ApeSwap just like any other BEP-20 token.

Benefits of Liquid Collectibles for users:
Use NFTis LP tokens to earn yield rewards
 Buy/sell NFT instantly
 Discover better prices
 Increase liquidity

Besides, we also have more Liquid NFTs.

Liquid NFTs are NFT collections tokenized as fungible tokens (like BEP-20 tokens) enabling them to be instantly traded on decentralized exchanges such as ApeSwap, and making it possible to benefit from DeFi features such as yielding.


II. Unique Features of Liquid Collectibles 

1. Tokenizing NFTi

The NFT Index is the liquid portion of liquid NFTs and each collection has its own. They can be swapped both ways with the NFT from their collection and can also be used for passive income.

Anyone can submit NFTs to existing collections.

When submitting NFTs to the collection, the user gets 95 NFT Index back.

NFT indexes can be used to
➢ Collect NFTs from collections (105 NFTi: 1 NFT)
➢ Build LP & yield tokens to earn rewards
➢ Trade for any other token like BTC, USDT etc.

Important: Please note that the exact NFT that you submit to the collection may not be available later if you want to recover it as someone else may have obtained it.

2. Collecting NFTs

You can collect NFTs in their website using NFTi.

Liquidity Collectibles

Example: Let’s say you want to get Liquid Monster NFT, to get Liquid Monster from the collection you will need 105 Liquid Monsters NFT indexes (known as $LIMOi) or its equivalent in $BNB.

If you have no idea how to get the NFTi for a given collection of NFTs, don’t worry.
➻ Go to
➻ Select the collection that interests you
➻ Click the “buy [token name]” button

3. Stake/Yield

You can stake single $LICO tokens in the Staking section or use LP tokens (either with $LICO or NFTi) to yield farm in the Yield section. To yield farm, you will have to add liquidity through ApeSwap to one of the liquidity pools that you can find here.

If you’re not clear on how to Yield farm, no worries, you can check this medium article created by the Liquid Collectibles team for instructions on how to do it.

III. The outstanding benefits of Liquid Collectibles compared to other platforms

1. For collectors

Collectors can use their NFTs to tokenize NFT Indexes (NFTi) and take advantage of the benefits offered by the DeFi space.

 Without Liquid Collectibles: #HODL NFT in wallet, no yield rewards.
 With Liquid Collectibles: Tokenize NFTi, stake, earn yield rewards.

2. For investors

No more worries about illiquidity and price setting, with Liquid Collectibles speculating and investing in the NFT market it’s much easier.

 Without Liquid Collectibles: More difficulties setting a price, wait for a buyer in order to sell.
 With Liquid Collectibles: NFTs liquid markets access (instantly sell) & better price tracking.

3. For content creators

As a content creator you can benefit from launching on the Liquid Collectibles protocol through:
⧫ Protocol fee
⧫ NFTs distribution in AMM (through NFTi)
⧫ Greater reach
⧫ Instantly liquid markets


III. Basic instructions if you want to participate in Liquid Collectibles 

1. Tokenizing

Why you should tokenize an NFT

By tokenizing an NFT, you get NFT Indexes (NFTi). NFTi are liquid-fungible tokens that claim 105:1 on NFT from a given collection. You can use your tokenized NFTi to:

– Add liquidity (LP), stake and earn profit rewards
– Collect an NFT from a collection (105 NFTi: 1 NFT)
– Trade for other tokens in AMM like ApeSwap

Important: Please note that the exact NFT that you submit to the collection may not be available later if you want to recover it as someone else may have obtained it.

So how to tokenize NFTs

Tokenizing an NFT is very easy, just follow the steps below to be a happy #HODLer of some NFT Indexes.

➛ Visit
➛ Connect your wallet
➛ Select your NFT collection *
➛ Click the “Owned by me” filter
➛ Select the NFT you want to tokenize
➛ Click tokenize and confirm

* Can’t find a collection? You can fill out this form to be listed at Liquid Collection:

2. Collecting

Liquid Collectibles allows users to acquire NFTs using NFT Indexes.

By collecting an NFT you take ownership of the underlying asset. If you find a rare NFT (or just an NFT you like), you might want to acquire it and keep it in your wallet.

Liquidity Collectibles

How can I collect NFTs?

To collect NFTs you need NFT Indexes from the collection you’re interested in or $BNB. Just follow the steps below and ignore step 4 if you already got your NFTi or if you’re buying directly with $BNB.

(Liquid Monsters is used as an example below)

➛ Visit the
➛ Connect your wallet
➛ Choose the Liquid Monsters collection
➛ Click “Buy $LIMOi” (That’s how Liquid Monsters NFTi are called).
➛ Once you got your $LIMOi tokens click “Buy | Random collect”
➛ Confirm, wait, and that’s it!

If you’re interested in getting an NFT from a different collection the process is exactly the same, just be aware that each collection has its own NFTi so make sure you get the correct one or buy directly with $BNB.

3. Staking

Stake $LICO to earn new tokens

When you stake on Liquid Collectibles you get rewarded in $LICO or partner tokens.

How to stake on Liquid Collectibles?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. To stake on Liquid Collectibles, you don’t need to own NFTis. You just need to own $LICO tokens to stake it and earn NFTis:

➛ Visit:
➛ Connect your wallet
➛ Approve the contract (if you haven’t already)
➛ Click the plus icon “+” button
➛ Choose the amount you want to stake
➛ Confirm, and done!

Congrats! You’re now staking and getting rewarded for it 

4. Yielding

When you yield on Liquid Collectibles you’re rewarded not only with NFTi but also with $LICO tokens, that means double reward for one single yield  if that’s not enough I don’t know what is 

How to yield on Liquid Collectibles?

Yielding is not as easy as staking, but don’t worry, we’ll explain the process below.

First, check for available Yields on and and find the one(s) you’re interested in.

Let’s assume you’re interested in the BNB-LICO yield, in order to yield you’ll need to add liquidity first to acquire some BNB-LICO LP tokens. You can add liquidity through Once you’ve added liquidity, follow these steps:

➛ Visit:
➛ Make sure your wallet is connected
➛ Approve the contract for the corresponding yield
➛ Click the plus sign “+” button
➛ Choose the amount to yield
➛ Confirm, and that’s it!

You’re now yielding and getting double rewarded 

Important: Providing liquidity is not without risk as you may be exposed to impermanent loss.

Happy yielding 

IV. Tokenomics

1. The $LICO token

$LICO is Liquid Collectibles’ native token

➤ Ticker: $LICO
➤ Contract Address: 0x4F3266a56589357B4f8082918b14B923693e57f0
➤ Chain: BNB Chain (BEP-20)
➤ Max supply: 200,000,000 LICO

LICO serves as both a governance token and as an incentive for users to provide liquidity.

LICO token properties

LICO emission

Until Nov 9th5 tokens per second432,000
From Nov 10th to Nov 19th2.5 tokens per second216,000
Moving forward1 token per second86,400

90% of the issued tokens are distributed as rewards in staking pools and yields, the remaining 10% goes to the dev wallet to cover marketing expenses and operational costs.

➤ What happens to LICO rewards once it reaches the max supply?
LICO rewards will continue thanks to the use of the platform fees.

➤ When will LICO reach its maximum supply?
LICO will reach its maximum supply 5 years and 8 months after its launch.

➤ Do you want to be the happy owner of some $LICO tokens?
Get some by buying them:

Liquidity Collectibles

2. The $LIMOi token

This is Liquid Monsters NFT Index

➤ Ticker: $LIMO
➤ Contract Address: 0x79534DedaE71b7b672Fc997b4a77748AE5fdF5AD
➤ Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
➤ Max supply: 666,000 LIMO

LIMO is Liquid Monsters NFTi. You need $LIMO tokens to collect Liquid Monsters NFTs and also to provide liquidity and yield.

LIMO token properties

LIMO emission & distribution: All $LIMO tokens will be minted at launch and will be distributed as follows:

➤ Initial sale: 50% (333,000 LIMO tokens)
➤ Liquidity: 10% (66,600 LIMO tokens)
➤ Initial stake/yield rewards: 15% (99,900 LIMO tokens)
➤ Marketing: 10% (66,600 LIMO tokens)
➤ Team: 15% (99,900 LIMO tokens)

What happens once the initial stake/yield rewards are distributed?
LIMO rewards will continue thanks to the use of the platform fees.

V. Non-Fungible Moonbirds by Moonbird Finance – The next big thing on Liquid Collectibles

MoonBird combines yield farming with community driven charity in the best possible way.

It operates in the Binance Smart Chain network and it’s created to be an everlasting DAO, that keeps a fine balance between all components needed to give to those in need, while earning at the same time!

They borrowed the tastiest aspects of Bitcoin’s monetary policy :
➧ 21,000,000 maximum supply
➧ Halving every 210,000 blocks

And then, combine them with the finest sauce of perfectly balanced token economics.

You can mine MBIRD by staking MBIRD or by or by providing liquidity and staking MBIRD-BNB LP token.

Liquidity Collectibles

Liquid Collectibles will host Moonbird NFT’s INO (Initial NFT Offering) on March 3, 2021 through a Dutch auction. Auction will be held for NFMi token. The sale will last 72 hours or until all tokens sell out. Once the sale is complete, you’ll be able to redeem your NFMi tokens for an actual NFM at a rate of 100 NFMi = 1 NFM. NFMs will be revealed approximately 72 hours after the completion of the sale.



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