Limit Orders Come to PancakeSwap

Users can now trade at a set price on the dApp and wait for the order to fill automatically.

PancakeSwap Introduce Limit Orders 

Leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform on BNB Chain, PancakeSwap has added a new feature for its users. The protocol has launched the Limit Orders feature on its Decentralized Application (dApp). 

The integration allows users to place a limit order to trade at a set price. According to PancakeSwap’s Twitter announcement on March 8, the feature was powered by Gelato. Gelato enables everyone to leverage the power of a decentralized network of bots for price automation. 

“Limit orders are now available on #PancakeSwap! Brought to you by the collaboration between PancakeSwap and @gelatonetwork. Limit orders allow you to set up token swaps that will be filled when the market price matches the desired price,” the DEX tweeted. 


Interested users can now visit the PancakeSwap trading dApp to access the new feature. Additionally, the feature is an advantage for users of the DEX as they now have the license to set their price and wait for it to be filled. 

National Pancake Day Celebration Giveaway 

BSC News reminds you of the ongoing National Pancake day Celebration powered by the DEX. Twelve winners would be selected to share a prize pool of $1600 CAKE. Also, there is a special consideration by the DEX to offer three users $100 each. 

The giveaway, inspired by pancakes, was posted by the DEX through Twitter on March 5. Users are to post their creative pancakes by PancakeSwap Non-fungible Token (NFTs) to stand a chance of winning. Users would upload images corresponding to PancakeSwap NFTs: 

Blueberry pancakes as Blueberries NFT, syrup pancakes as Syrup Soak NFT, Bunny shaped pancakes as Pancake Squad NFTs, and Stacked pancakes as Drizzle’s big Pancake Stacks NFTs. 

The image submissions will end on Sunday, March 13, as seen in PancakeSwap’s recent tweet. 

“Keep those pancakes coming, the #PancakeCelebration competition is heating up (just like our kitchen). Submissions are due Sunday March 13. Don’t forget to retweet the original announcement for an additional chance to win!” PancakeSwap tweeted on March 9. 


For more details on participating in the event, refer to PancakeSwap’s giveaway thread on Twitter. 

What is PancakeSwap? 

PancakeSwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on the BNB Chain. It offers users various features such as Liquidity Pools, Swapping, Yield Farming, Syrup Pools, Automated Market Maker, Initial Farm Offering (IFO), NFT profile system, and many others. 

PancakeSwap’s official links are available below:

Website | Twitter | Medium | GitHub

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