Lights Out NFT Wants to Turn the Lights On!

The protocol plans to launch more collections and games for holders, providing NFT utility on BNB Chain.

Lights Out Merges NFT With GameFi 

The Lights Out Non-fungible Token (NFT) platform burst into the BNB Chain ecosystem with its free minting on the Rareboard marketplace. Following the successful sell-out, the protocol launched its GameFi utilities for mainstream adoption. 

While its first game is active, the platform will launch more games in the future, the team disclosed to BSC News. The team revealed that two new collections would be launched, representing two new games for holders on BNB Chain. 

“Game 2 is a new collection and a game on its own. A few LiO will holders will have benefits. Game 3 is for the third collection and all LiO holders will benefit from it. Game 3 is planned for the end of this year because artwork needs more time, and also the coding/contract must be tested.” the team wrote to BSC News. “On 5th August, we will announce more about Game 2 and how it works.” 

Lights Out NFT Collection | Source

The first collection comprises 11,111 LiO NFTs, giving users access to the first GameFi (trading game). The game ensures that users list their NFTs at a price issued weekly by the platform on a Royalties Marketplace to be eligible for rewards. 

Typically, NFTs traded on a Royalties Marketplace add funds to the price pot for eligible participants. After a year, the game ends, and the winner wins 50% of the Royalty funds. 

NFT holders who break rules outlined in Rareboard’s Lights Out publication would not be eligible to use their LiO NFTs to participate and win. 

The “Lights Out” concept comes into play when users break the rules. When the rules are broken, holders’ NFTs turn black and cannot be used to earn rewards from the trading game. BSC News will update you on the protocol’s progress on BNB Chain.

What is Lights Out NFT:

Lights Out is a collection of 11,111 LiO NFTs built on BNB Chain, representing a trading game. The protocol also plans to launch two more games and collections as the year unfolds. Holders participating in the first game will enter the draw to win half the price from a price pot created from trading NFTs on the Royalties’ Marketplace. 

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