Levyathan, the First Financial Index established on Binance Smart Chain

Today, meet Levyathan, a project with a unique value proposition evolving on the Binance Smart Chain. The kind of project that makes tools and financial vehicles once reserved only for finance VIPs available to the general public.

The goal of the project is simple: to combine the strength of DeFi assets with the security provided by diversity in the form of Indexes composed of a carefully selected range of assets. 

Besides being effective and easy to access, the product may well foreshadow part of the future of Decentralized Finance. A future where it will no longer be necessary to make a radical choice between high yield and security

Meet the Legend

The Levyathan endeavor is not motivated by the will to provide “yet another crypto project,” a simple clone of something else, hastily launched and swiftly forgotten. The objective is to be a precursor of the new face of Finance 2.0

Levyathan delivers a simple and accessible tool by delivering the first Financial Indexes developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

This instrument will enable every investor to profit from both its strength in terms of mid and long-term returns, as well as its protective features in the case of large market fluctuations. The ideal mix for anybody wishing to capitalize on the crypto sector’s tremendous growth while being logical and careful.


The Levyathan platform was launched a few days ago, immediately making available to the community two crypto indexes, each with their own set of attributes. We’ll see in a moment that these two Indexes were quickly joined by a 3rd one that is already causing a stir in the ecosystem.ADVERTISEMENT

In addition, the Levyathan project includes a software platform that enables the construction and liquidation (sale) of various cryptographic indices.

Because of its decentralized design and community-based approach, the ability of Levyathan’s users to participate in the project and affect a portion of its operation is particularly valued.

To allow this decentralized governance, Levyathan is powered by the governance token LEV, a digital asset whose possession and staking gives its holders access to various options of action, such as the ability to submit proposals, vote, and influence the life and development of the project, in accordance with DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) standards.


The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) operates as the architecture to power the $LEV token. This network, which is powered by the cryptocurrency exchange behemoth Binance, was chosen for its robustness, reliability and low transaction fees.

At the platform’s initial launch, 10,000,000 $LEV was minted.

This initial amount has several functions: the provisioning of liquidity pools for an upcoming operation on Pancakeswap, community airdrop, retribution of the development team, marketing expenses…

Note that a significant part of this initial allocation will be burned in the coming months, in accordance with the rules of governance. For more information, please refer to the project’s technical documentation.

In addition, new LEV tokens are created at a rate of 4 units per block, in accordance with its proof-of-stake authority (PoSA) model.


The production of new tokens fuels the Levyathan ecosystem in the following way:

40% feed the liquidity pool (LP) LEV: BNB/LEV and BUSD/LEV.

The LEV staking pool receives 25% of the freshly created LEV. LEV holders thus have immediate access to rewards in the form of additional tokens in this pool. As the project is in its start-up phase, the APRs are particularly generous.

15% of the new LEV are allocated to the staking pools of the 3 initial Crypto Indexes, LegaciIndex, DefiBSCIndex and StableIndex

10% of the LEV is credited to the Levyathan project team

10% of the LEV is reinvested in the project’s cash funds.

Source : bscdaily

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