Lendefi Finance’s ‘Canary’ Mainnet Debuts on BSC

Borrowers and lenders rejoice! Lendefi’s leveraged trading offers valuable avenues.

Why BSC for Lendefi’s Lending Protocol?

Lendefi Finance’s Canary mainnet has recently debuted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Following a successful culmination of its initial testnet phase, its full-fledged mainnet launch would initially be referred to as the ‘Canary’ release. Transforming the Lendefi roadmap’s envisioned milestones into a thriving reality. The future looks promising for the undercollateralized secured loans platform. Lendefi’s Canary release subsequently stands to benefit from BSC’s Mainnet ecosystem—in consultation with Chainsulting. Given strong safety features of the Lendefi protocol plus its diverse functionality. Its ultimate BSC Mainnet release will facilitate in-depth protocol testing to enable risk mitigation. The Canary mainnet release would facilitate its full-throttle product operation on the BSC Mainnet.

What is Lendefi Finance?

Lendefi is a leveraged trading and secured lending protocol. It enables digital assets’ leveraged trading via undercollateralized secured loans. Leveraged investments in the DeFi environment can be done via Lendefi. It eliminates any instance of counterparty risk via a trustless lender-borrower relationship via the protocol. Lendefi lets traders use funds to initiate leveraged trading. Lenders enable creation of interest payments via their trades. These trades and loans are escrow-managed to ensure trustless transactions.

LDFI (BEP20) Token Upgrade & Audits

Lendefi’s LDFI token received an upgrade recently to reinvigorate the token economics and bring a revived rewards mechanism. The new LDFI token supply is set to the tune of 10,000,000,000 (from 10,000,000). Staking, farming, and the referral program will be revised. A 3% transaction fee (tax, buy-back, and wallet fee—1% each) is now applicable across transactions. 

The upgraded LDFI token, Vesting and LP Locking contracts are all duly audited by Chainsulting. LDFI Token auditLDFI Vesting contract auditLDFI LP Locking contract audit.

Why Lendefi (the Future Prospects)?

With the Canary mainnet release, Lendefi is entering the final frontier prior to its full-fledged mainnet release. The Lendefi Protocol is poised to offer these vital features soon:

Limited orders

Stop-loss trading

Governance enhancements via Lendefi’s DAO mechanism

Multi-chain integration: Polygon, Optimistic, HECO & Fantom

Lendefi Socials, Contract Address & Documentation:

LDFI BEP-20 Address: 0x8F1E60D84182db487aC235acC65825e50b5477a1


LDFI PancakeSwap: pancakeswap.finance/info/tokens/0x8f1e60d84182db487ac235acc65825e50b5477a1





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