Ledger Wallet Frustrates Users With Kinks in the Nano X Firmware 2.0.0 Update

Ledger updates for Nano X falls short as users clamor on YouTube for solutions.

Firmware Update Duds

The most recent Ledger Nano X firmware update has caused several problems with users. The latest update for the Nano X eases the onboarding process, improves security, and fosters a simplified crypto interaction. The 2.0.0 update came almost two weeks ago, on October 21, and users continue to need troubleshooting support while others are completely locked away from their funds. 

The Ledger Wallets are some of the most secure wallets in the crypto world. Still, the increased security requires users to constantly pay attention to updates to ensure their hardware behaves correctly. The main issue with the update has been a faulty connection to MetaMask, rendering many users helpless to access their funds. Two lengthy Reddit posts from the Ledger team helped clear the air.

“Some of our users faced issues when connecting their MetaMask hot wallets to their Ledger Nano hardware wallets. We have been working with MetaMask on a solution, which will be implemented with MetaMask v10.4.0. This new version allows users to connect Ledger to MetaMask in Chrome via WebHID – more info on that here. We will keep you posted very shortly about this,” wrote u/olivia_ledger, Ledger Community Manager, on the Ledger subreddit on November 2nd.


Users saw further issues with poor battery life as well as problems connecting to the Ledger Live software. The Ledger team is working hard and hand in hand with MetaMask, to fix these issues. It is important to remember that Ledger Wallets can be very finicky. Sometimes a wallet does not connect because of the order in which the wallet connected through the browser and software. A misordering of connection can lead to a lack of connection. 

The Ledger team is also working to build out their community support team in response to this issue. The subreddit was flooded with complaints and questions for troubleshooting. 

When asked about adding someone to the Ledger team to handle all the support requests, the team replied:

”Hey there, we hear you and are working on it. We just have someone who came on board for this and is looking forward to helping out across the subreddit. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned,” wrote u/saman_ledger, the Social Media Manager.

For the most up-to-date information regarding the updates, pay attention to Ledger on all their socials.

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