Ledger Live and MetaMask Work Together In Browser Once Again

Ledger and Metamask are back together again! The browser add-on now works without needing the bridge.

Ledger & Metamask Integration Back On

Ledger announced on Nov. 12 that their integration with Metamask has now started working seamlessly once again via a Twitter post.

The technology behind the two protocols fell out of sync when the browsers, Google Chrome and Brave, made updates to their browsers back in May this year which broke the previous integration methods that the two protocols used. Using the Metamask Extension version 10.5.0, the Ledger support has been upgraded to ensure a seamless experience for their users.

“MetaMask and Ledger have entered into a new partnership to maintain the best experience for our community of shared customers. The integration of our products requires deep domain expertise on both sides to maintain a great user experience. With our new partnership agreement in place, you can be confident that the MetaMask and Ledger teams are working closely together to ensure a great experience for hardware wallet users.  More features and improvements to come!” mentioned the official Ledger blog making the announcement on Nov. 12. 

Source: Ledger Live

The new Metamask & Ledger integration brings three main features:

Standard Connect Flow – Allows for connecting Ledger with MetaMask on Chrome yet again

Ledger Live Toggle – Allows users to stop using Ledger Live by turning it off in the settings. Then, users can go to ‘Connect Hardware wallet’ to reconnect with the WebHID.

Connected Ledger Device –  MetaMask will recognize the user’s Ledger device; if it’s forgotten, just in case, the connection will be established in the transaction journey itself without the need to pause or cancel the transaction in order to reconnect.

About Metamask

Metamask is one of the most popular in-browser and smartphone application hot wallets in the cryptocurrency market right now. It was developed by the leading Ethereum software development company, Consensys. The other products in Consensys’s product suite are Infura, Quorum, Codefi, Truffle, and Diligence.

Find more about Metamask here:

Website | Twitter | Docs | Support | 

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