Learning About Audits and Security of Crypto Funds With Hoptrail

Audited reports from U.K. firm Hoptrail help people and businesses move assets between crypto and the real world.

Validating the Legitimacy of Crypto Funds

Hoptrail is the only firm in the U.K. that offers audits for crypto proceeds used to buy high-value assets and the only one that specializes in multi-chain, multi-asset portfolio analysis. Recently, BSC News hosted Hoptrail CEO Henry Burrows via Twitter Spaces.

During the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Burrows provided details about Hoptrail’s auditing services, which assist people purchasing houses with crypto by giving insight into the source and legitimacy of the counterparty’s funds.

“One of the things we were doing since we started was helping people buy houses with their crypto proceeds,” Burrows told BSC News. “That’s a core part of our business, and it’s cool because there’s a ton of people out there who have made a lot on crypto and some of whom have tons of money and have no way to kinda diversify out of the crypto world into other things like property.”


But wouldn’t it be easier if we gave our wallets to whoever was looking at the accounts to verify that we weren’t engaged in any money laundering? In response, the CEO provided the following answers: 

“There is just the perception that crypto is far riskier and it’s just a haven for money laundering and scama. Solicitors in the U.K. either deny going forward or need additional assurance. But the intimidating thing to do is to convince a solicitor or any lawyer, and we have to stand in the middle and say there is a whole world of business out there for them. They can access it in the right way, there’s really for us just to say we’ll take the data and explain it to them.”

Hoptrail provides written reports so that anyone, regardless of experience or expertise, can understand and act on them. Learn more about the Hoptrail in the recent AMA with BSC News.

What is Hoptrail:

Hoptrail is a blockchain data company based in the U.K. The firm provides regulatory and compliance intelligence for the digital asset sector. Their services use blockchain data to identify and assess risks attached to crypto funds and entities, helping businesses make informed and timely decisions about partners, clients, and investments. Hoptrail’s products include bespoke crypto audits and a crypto compliance platform, both designed to support the following scenarios:

• Counterparty onboarding

• High-value crypto-asset purchases

• Crypto source of funds and AML analysis

Learn more about Hoptrail here: 

Website | Twitter 

Source : bsc.news

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