Learn How to Win a Share of $18,000 + NFTs Through Learn and Earn

Binance Smart Chain is offering users another opportunity to get smarter on their dime.

Opportunities to Learn and Earn

Binance Smart Chain is helping its users to grow their knowledge in Learn and Earn round 2. The competition is a continuation of the previous Learn and Earn scheme, with prizes offered to users for learning about carefully selected projects in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. 

In round 2 of the incentivisation scheme, over $18,000 in tokens are on offer, as well as additional NFT prizes.

As with the previous Learn and Earn promotion there will be two opportunities running in parallel – the main campaign and the Twitter campaign. 

Your next Learn and Earn opportunity

A Second Chance

The main campaign begins on July 21st and ends on July 25th. Those who participated in round one of the competition will remember that the projects participating in round one were CryptoTycoon as well as the Most Valuable Builder II (MVBII) finalists X World Games, Biswap and Hot Cross.

The fresh group of projects for round 2 of Learn and Earn are:

BunnyPark: A platform which combines NFTs and DeFi, connecting NFTs to the real world.

Deri Protocol: A decentralized derivatives protocol for exchanging risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently. 3 chains (ETH, BSC and HECO) in one ecosystem.

C.R.E.A.M.: A decentralized lending protocol offering financial services to individuals, institutions and protocols, with a logo design evocative of retro gaming.

dFuture: A decentralized derivatives trading protocol based on external quotes.

CryptoBlades: An NFT role-playing game built on BSC and the play to earn model.

To enter users must first follow Binance Smart Chain on Twitter, and then follow BunnyPark, Deri, Cream, dFuture and CryptoBlades on Twitter (all links above). 

All projects will tweet competition hints and tips so participants are reminded to check back on those accounts. 

Competition participants are then invited to learn about the projects from the learning materials Binance provides and join BSC on Telegram

200 lucky winners will receive $20 worth of tokens with a further 15 #BscLearnAndEarn NFTs up for grabs. There will also be a chance of sharing in a $1,000 prize pool. 

All learning materials can be found at the bottom of the ‘BSC Learn & Earn 2: Win a Share of $18,000’ blog on the Binance website.

The Twitter Campaign

Users for whom studying and learning is too much of a time commitment can also get involved thanks to the Twitter promotional campaign. To enter users must follow Binance Smart Chain on Twitter, Quote Tweet the ‘Learn and Earn’ round 2 announcement on Twitter tagging 2 friends and #BscLearnAndEarn.

 Participants must then go join BSC on Telegram and fill in the form in the pinned message. Prizes for the Twitter campaign are 10 #BSCLearnAndEarn NFTs and a chance to share in the $1,000 prize pool.

The Twitter campaign is already underway and will end on July 25th.

More to Come?

As we correctly predicted in round one, the success of the first Learn and Earn scheme has naturally led to another opportunity for users. This time Binance Smart Chain looks keen to offer even more help and hints than in round one. 

Keep an eye out for extra reading materials provided on their Telegram and Twitter accounts throughout the competition.

The quiz questions will not be shared until July 21st with the closing day for submission on July 25th. Following the closing date the top 200 participants will receive their prizes with distribution occurring no later than on August 1st.

Should round 2 prove to be as big a hit with users as round 1, there is every reason to suspect that Learn and Earn can continue for quite some time.

Source : bsc.news

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