League Of Ancients | The First-Ever NFT Game

Recent technological advancements in the field, such as virtual and augmented reality, and the evolution of mobile phones – and mobile gaming have pushed the boundaries further than anyone could have imagined. The exponential rise of mobile gaming, in particular, has resulted in the adoption of the undoubtedly most successful business model ever used by mobile game companies: free-to-play (FTP).

These games are still in their infancy, yet they have already established themselves as market leaders, directing the industry since their birth. We introduce the first-ever MOBA and NFT game League of ancients. League of Ancients is poised to become the next great bitcoin game, and the gaming industry is a multibillion-dollar industry.

League of Ancients (LOA) is the first BSC free-to-play E-Sports that emphasizes play to earn.        Their team is inspired by League of Legends and hopes to create a community of NFT fans and E-Sports participants. Participants will unlock precious digital goods that can be used to upgrade their LOA heroes and boost their chances of winning battles and earning additional rewards in the game.

According to blockchain players, ranking Leaderboards, Marketplace Trading, and Hero Cloning are all part of the NFT gaming is here to stay, and League of Ancients is prepared to rock the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) environment starting in December 2021 with their NFT sales event. Please continue reading to learn more about LOA and its NFT sales.

About League Of Ancient:

League of Ancients is a play-to-earn MOBA that was one of the earliest NFT-based E-Sports MOBAs.Inspired by Dota 2 and League of Legends, we use blockchain technology to take this game to new heights. Players can combat as their favorite hero, collect in-game tokens.LOA is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game in which two players battle it out on a confined battleground.

Players control one character, who usually has a distinct set of abilities that help and complement the rest of the squad. The objective is for one squad to demolish the opposing side’s stronghold.MOBA games are entertaining and addictive, and they have been a huge hit in the industry. Trade them for real money on the marketplace. The game is free to play, and by just playing and winning matches, players can earn modest amounts of $LOA (the game’s native cryptocurrency).

As players advance through the ranks and gain experience, the percentage of tokens they earn will rise as a reward for their continuing participation. This not only gives players a compelling motivation to return outside of the game, but it also motivates them to form powerful teams.


The goal is to build a stable and developing blockchain game with a vibrant community that offers equal opportunities to acquire assets while having fun.


They encourage players to take full ownership of their assets and provide feedback and suggestions to help develop the game.LOA wants to establish an environment where everyone is treated equally and is inspired to play and earn. They aim to develop a fantastic game because they are MOBA players and enthusiasts themselves.

Road Map

The game’s Roadmap includes some interesting new features, some of which are now in development and others which will be released in the future. The game began with the sale of NFTs, and they are token, with gameplay expected in Q4 2022. The marketplace, staking, and yield farming are expected to debut early next year, and early beta will not be available until the summer of 2022.

·      The Fourth Quarter Of 2021

  1. Sale of NFTs
  2. Pre-Sale
  3. Token Generation Event for Smart Contract Audits
  4. Listing of Coingecko
  5. Market Capitalization of Cryptocurrencies
  6. Listing on a centralized exchange
  7. The First Dex Offering
  8. Private Purchase

·      1st Quarter 2022

BETA Test of the NFT Marketplace and Launch of the NFT Marketplace

·      Second Quarter Of 2022

NFT Staking and NFT Fusion by LOA Yield Farming

·      3rd Quarter 2022

  1. Private Beta Game Launch for eSports Players
  2. Publishing on the Google Play Store for Android
  3. Publishing in the App Store for iOS

·      4th quarter of 2022

Battle Pass First eSports Tournament: Public Launch of MOBA Game Live Streaming Integration

NFT Skins

There are many distinct varieties of skins in the Ancient Realm, each with its rarity. Players will use the NFT Skins they gather as defensive armor, making their character more resistant to incoming attacks.

There are nine NFT skins available, each with a distinct rarity level: Basic (1), Epic (2), Elemental (3), Champion (4), Legendary (5), Mythical (6), Event/Seasonal (6.5), Genesis (9.5), and Immortal (9.5). (10)

NFT Skins modifies the cosmetic appearance of the relevant hero and boosts the earning potential of in-game currency in terms of in-game mechanics. Skin rarities in the NFT Marketplace will have an impact on the marketplace’s staking mechanism as well as account levels.

The higher the rarity of the skin, the more $LOA tokens can be earned when staked. Skins, for example, are merely cosmetic NFTs.Purchasing NFT skins, on the other hand, will enable users to access a second game mode in which they can earn more tokens.

The League of Ancients NFT skins has one more intriguing feature that will make them genuinely groundbreaking in the DeFi space. Fusion is mixing NFT skins to create new ones with a much greater rarity rating and hence a higher LOA earning potential. As a result, if a player can efficiently exploit the fusion system to create an exceptionally rare skin, they will theoretically be able to either play the game with it to make a significant passive income through the associated cryptocurrency or sell it at a premium price.

This will imply a strong focus on the NFT side for the project, allowing it to earn high amounts of profit and expand more quickly. It’s a huge win for everyone.

Play To Earn

PTE is exactly what it says on the board. Individuals can earn cryptocurrencies just by playing these cryptocurrency GameFi, games. The obtained digital tokens can then be exchanged for real money or purchased new things or skins.

Game Play

League Of ancients is the new game that aims to mix the best of FTP (Free to Play) and PTE (Play to Earn). Continuing our League of Ancients review, the game will have three game modes, with each match rewarding players with in-game gold.

The three-game modes are as follows:

·      Normal Match:

 This is the most classic Match in the game. An unranked 5v5 PVP game option that allows you to practice without affecting your rank title. You can choose any hero you like, but you can’t choose the same one as your buddies. You will be rewarded with in-game cash after each Match.

·      NFT Match:

 NFT Match is a seasonal competitive game mode that is only available for a limited period. Only players with similar levels will compete against you. As long as they have a particular quantity of NFT skins of any rarity level, players will be able to play all of the heroes.

·      Tournaments:

Under the supervision of LOA, organizers will be authorized to host tournaments. To participate in a competition, you must first form a team and pay a team registration fee. The tournament organizer will get 5% of the total registration price to cover administrative costs. The winning team will be given $LOA tokens.

The LOA is the game’s currency. The in-game money will be LOA, a BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) Token with a total supply of 1 billion. On a 5v5 scale, LOA is acquired by winning matches and NFT matches; of course, it rewards participants with more in-game currency than regular matches. Players can earn more money depending on the rarity of the skin they use on their hero, and the more people who participate, the more money they can earn.


Even though the game doesn’t premiere until Q4 2022, the concept generates a lot of excitement in the cryptocurrency sector. The $LOA coin is expected to go live in early December, followed by an NFT sale.

NFT Sales and Pre-Sales

·      Pre-Sales

A total of 2,000,000 $LOA Tokens will be available for pre-sale (0.2 percent of the total token supply) for $0.05 per token. Pre-Sales are only open to individuals who have been whitelisted and will be based on an oversubscription mechanism. Tokens will be distributed daily when they have been vested for 200 days.

·      NFT sales

Based on the Allotment column, all NFT Sales purchasers from respective NFT Sales will receive an equal allocation of $LOA Tokens. The remaining 1.8 percent of the tokens allocated for the NFT Sales are tokens allocated for the NFT Sales.

NFT With Utilities

The functionality that these NFTs bring adds to the excitement of this spectacular NFT sale. Players will be able to do more in the games than only using their NFT Skins. Staking them in the LOA charging portal allows you to win $LOA token prizes, with higher rarity skins providing higher payouts!

League Of Ancients Community

Indeed, at the top of the thread, the Discord and Telegram groups have over 26,000 and 78,000 members, respectively. This level of enthusiasm at such an early stage suggests that the team may be on to something spectacular.

If things keep going well, League of Ancients may easily become the most profitable game in the DeFi world, earning billions of dollars in revenue and providing countless players with an enjoyable game that can earn them real money.

So stay tuned for more updates on our other social media platforms!

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