Leading Decentralized Exchange THENA Adopts Orbs’ Liquidity Hub on Binance Smart Chain

Liquidity Hub Integration by THENA on BNB Chain

THENA, a renowned DEX on BNB Chain, has successfully integrated Liquidity Hub by Orbs. This integration opens up new opportunities for traders on THENA to access additional liquidity on the BNB Chain network, expanding beyond the traditional AMM offerings.

Orbs’ L3 technology powers Liquidity Hub, providing various benefits such as reduced costs, MEV protection, gasless transactions, improved capital efficiency, and a user-friendly interface.

This integration marks a significant step in DeFi, as Liquidity Hub aggregates liquidity from both on-chain and off-chain sources, making it the second integration of its kind for Liquidity Hub by Orbs.

Orbs’ Liquidity Hub and THENA Collaboration

The Liquidity Hub, created by the Orbs project, operates as a completely decentralized, permissionless, and composable DeFi system within the Orbs Network. Traders on THENA can now access all liquidity provided by the BNB Chain at no extra cost.

Orbs, with tens of millions of dollars in Total Value Locked (TVL), is a decentralized protocol running on a public network of permissionless validators through proof of stake. The project aims to expand the capabilities of current EVM smart contracts, introducing new possibilities for Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi.

Liquidity Hub’s Operation

Above the AMM, Liquidity Hub acts as an optimization layer provided by layer 3 (L3) infrastructure software, utilizing external liquidity for more accurate price quotations and less price influence. The operation includes:

  • On-chain solver auction: Third-party solvers competing to fill swaps with on-chain liquidity.
  • Decentralized orders via API: Professional and institutional traders placing bids and competing to fill swaps through decentralized orders available via API.

If Liquidity Hub is not viable for a transaction, it will revert to the AMM contract, ensuring a seamless trading experience for users.

Liquidity Hub & Architecture Product Specification

The Liquidity Hub’s on-chain contract, deployed alongside the AMM contract, and backend functionality operating on-chain via Orbs’ decentralized L3 nodes, jointly manage Liquidity Hub. Key product specifications include:

  • User Interface of DEX Has Not Changed
  • Decentralized Order Interface for Market Makers (MMs) + API for Solvers
  • Nominal to Zero Latency Execution for MMs
  • Users on MetaMask Approve Token Expenditure
  • Funds Remain in the User Wallet Until Trades Execute
  • Gasless Trades

Powered by Orbs L3 technology, Liquidity Hub has become the industry standard for finding the best price without leaving the DEX. With over $12 million in trade activity, it has been successfully deployed by QuickSwap on Polygon and THENA on BNB Chain.

For further information and queries about Liquidity Hub, please visit the Liquidity Hub Website or check out the project on GitHub.

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