LaunchZone to Tally Heroes Program Results for Month of August

LaunchZone has officially completed its tracking of points for the Heroes round, with 400 winners due to be announced.

LZ Heroes Program Readies Winner List

Members of the Launchzone community and participants of its Heroes Program will be rallying to see results after an announcement confirming points will be tracked. Users who collect enough points will be eligible for potential rewards.

The team explained via Twitter that from 08/13/2021 00:00:00 UTC to 09/01/2021 23:59:59 UTC, they have been tracking points for the LZ Heroes round.

“Whitelisting will be limited to the top 400 scorers,” the tweet informed. “Stay tuned and follow us for the update.”

Competition has been rife with whitelisted addresses securing participation in further rounds of LaunchZone’s Initial Dex Offerings (IDO). Some users complained on Twitter that the limits of this round are too restrictive, but the over 18,000 registrations show the popularity. 


Heroes Program Mutually Beneficial

Posited as an ingenious way of boosting community engagement and furthering growth, the Heroes Program has allowed users to gain a significant step ahead on developing IDOs and aid Launchzone’s exposure.  

Participants were initially required to hold at least 50$LZ in their personal wallets. They were then expected to set about liking and retweeting tweets by ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ (KOLs), grouped in a designated list distributed to participants. 

Participants are also due to be rewarded with LaunchZone tokens ($LZ) before participating in forthcoming IDOs.


Ample Trade-Off

For us at BSC.News, the strategy cleverly involves prospective users and offers them an opportunity to influence others. The incentive appears to be worth the effort involved in liking and sharing social media content.  

With developments likely to follow in quick succession, we look forward to announcing the scores. In particular, we are also interested in considering the growth campaign’s impact and whether its effects are correlated to user growth.

What is LaunchZone?

Formerly known as BSCEX, LaunchZone has rebranded itself. LaunchZone describes itself as a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem that makes Binance off-chain services available on Binance Smart Chain network. 

LaunchZone also offers a suite of products that allows its users to save on transaction costs and enjoy the benefits of decentralization. Users also have access to lending and borrowing features that leverage the power of DeFi. 

Find LaunchZone at the following resources and media pages:

Website | Twitter Telegram | Github

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