LaunchZone Integrates Four Top BSC DEXes for Improved Trading

Adding more DEX capacity will increase the trading ability for users and benefit the numerous IDOs coming from LaunchZone.

Top Incubator Increases DEX Ability

LaunchZone announced it will now use four leading decentralized exchanges (DEX) from Binance Smart Chain to help optimize its LZ Swap. Users on LaunchZone can expect more accurate prices returns when engaging in the many IDOs and token launches on the protocol. 

The four DEXes were announced via Tweet on October 29th and should bring added benefits to trading fees and prices upon LZ Swap. The four DEXes announced are BiSwap, MDEX, CafeSwap, and JetFuelFinance. LZ Swap now uses six DEXes in total, including PancakeSwap (v1 and v2) and ApeSwap.

“As the LaunchZone Ecosystem is designed to create long-term value for the DeFi space, we are fully aware of our supportive role to connect new potential startups to the DeFi space,” Luke, the Business Development Representative (BDR) at Launch Zone, told Andrew of BSC News last week at the AMAChella Starting Point.


Each of the four DEXes involved is growing and will also benefit from the boost of LaunchZone users. Token holders of the native LZ token on LaunchZone, also benefit from a top swap rate by aggregating volume from all six DEXes now.

“This vision has helped us reach great business achievements and make our community much bigger and more hectic, therefore we shall continue to do what we do best while keep updating our platform to bring users more benefits,” Luke the BDR added.

As a top incubator on Binance Smart Chain, the protocol adds a solid foundation of support with the help of these DEXes. LaunchZone has launched several top projects and games, with many more on the way. Increased accuracy for pricing and overall DEX ability will only improve performance.

“In the coming period, we are also diversifying projects coming to LaunchZone to give our members more investment solutions that fit their taste; while introducing more new products to increase users experience and support to IDOs,” Luke concluded.

What is LaunchZone?

Formerly known as BSCEX, LaunchZone has rebranded itself. LaunchZone describes itself as a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem that makes Binance off-chain services available on the Binance Smart Chain network. 

LaunchZone also offers a suite of products that allows its users to save on transaction costs and enjoy the benefits of decentralization. Users also have access to lending and borrowing features that leverage the power of DeFi. 

Find LaunchZone at the following resources and media pages:

Website | Twitter Telegram | Github

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