LaunchZone (BSCEX) – Jumpstarting the Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain launchpad has already seen many successful collaborations, with their sights already set on the horizon for further partnerships.

LaunchZone PadX

LaunchZone, also known as BSCEX, has become popular in Binance Smart Chain ecosystem thanks to its PadX program for a new and innovative blockchain project to raise funds. PadX is currently one of BSC-based lucrative fundraising platforms that have added immense value to participating entities.

The Launchpad Heros Program launch adds another layer of interest in the LaunchZone fundraising process, giving discounted sales of tokens to users who have taken time to fulfill certain social tasks and earn points. The program has generated many social media hits on Twitter for the project and has kept LaunchZone as the number one DeFi project with the most prominent Twitter presence.


Since its inception, LaunchPadX has generated an incredible amount of Return on Investment (ROI) for users and has helped projects raise substantial funds to accelerate their growth and launch their platform.

All LaunchPadX Projects

The platform has successfully conducted 5 Launches, all of which met nearly 100% participation and have gone ahead to give incredible returns to the participants. 

An Analysis Of Some Of The Launchpads

To give a clearer perspective on the success of some of the projects that raised funds on the LaunchPadX. We are going to check their token sale price side by side with the current market price, as well as review their latest IDO, XPOOL!


BSC.Army claims to be the first BSC-based autonomous organization for the social media industry and a community-centered initiative that strives to promote the adoption of BSC and blockchain in general.


The platform fundraising event just concluded on LaunchPadX, totaling the following in sales:

12, 000, 000 BARMY for 1 BUSD to Lucky Pool Members

6, 000, 000 BARMY for 1 BUSD to Heroes Pool Members

BARMY On Coingecko

The current price on Coingecko is more than 2000% from the PadX price.  At its peak, BARMY was trading at 7000% from the IDO price. 

83056 BARMY = $1


TWIN, the token for the Twinci platform, a LaunchPadX fundraised token, is currently trading at $2.88 per token. Against the backdrop of the recent market sell-off.

TWIN on CoinmarketCap

The token was offered for 1 BUSD and 2 BUSD to the Lucky and Heroes Pools on the launchpad event respectively, hitting an all-time high of $6.35. That would be 600% at the peak if you participated in the IDO program. 

All of the launchpads of the PadX have netted for participants incredible ROI. And even despite the market correction, all of them are above IDO price except TheForce Trade FOC, which was co-launched with other platforms. Launchzone launched at the price of public sale.


X-pool is an open-source loan and liquidity protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, with a focus on optimizing loans between users with the lowest possible fees. The project stands to see tremendous success if they can capitalize on the rapid transaction times on the BSC, which will allow their users a sense of convenience and ease. The project is fully decentralized and trustless, making it a premier choice for DeFi users. Launchzone hosted their token in April, which has now successfully migrated into its own platform!


BSC.Tools is the first IDO on the PadX platform, which success attracted other projects to host their token sales on LaunchZone PadX. The fundraising had a 100% completion rate and sold out, raising 1,801 BSCX!

BSCTools on Coinmarketcap

The platform offered members 1 Tools for 0.02 BSCX, ~$0.07 at today’s rate. Despite the market decline, investors would be pretty well above 100% at this dip.

Launchpads on PadX have proven to be lucrative for everyone. For participating community members to the community to projects that have met the criteria to list their tokens for fundraising. Everyone eventually goes home smiling.

Calls For IDO Still Open

The call to launch projects on the IDO platform – LaunchPadX – is still open for projects. All you need to do is fill out the application form, and the team will contact you for a way forward. The team will open a special IDO for the blue chips and great projects out there.

Upcoming Event


The team will launch InnoX, which allows everyone to launch their BEP-20 tokens (including Safemoon-style tokens), set up mining pools, add liquidity to PancakeSwap and SwapX automatically without any programming knowledge. This will be the game changer on the BSC that could bring in a new investing base for the blockchain.

About LaunchZone PadX

PADXis the innovative, outstanding, and decentralized fundraising platform in BSC to provide a fair platform launch for fundraising events. PadX has become the most trusted accelerator in the ecosystem and has raised large amounts of funds for projects and a substantial ROI for investors. Today, it still opens up more opportunities for more projects to launch.

About LaunchZone

Following its rebrand from BSCEX, Launchzone remains a decentralized, non-custodial, and fair launch platform for #DeFi projects on the Binance Smart Chain. Its core mission is to incubate the best crypto projects in the DeFi space.


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