LaunchZone Becomes Strategic Partner to Tier 1 VC Basics Capital

LaunchZone has been intrinsic in helping projects grow, but this news signals a progression of their own.

DeFi Platform LaunchZone Continue Growth

LaunchZone has officially announced a new strategic partnership with Basics Capital, a well-established investment group focused on developing early-stage projects with potential in the blockchain industry.

The announcement was made official via Twitter on November 12th, as LaunchZone informed their followers of their newest partnership, likely to herald excitement in future participating projects also:

“Basics Capital is a tier 1 VC that focuses on developing early-stage blockchain projects. They have a network of 30+ partners and have worked with 100+ successful projects all over the world,” the LaunchZone team proudly tweeted of their new partner. 


The move will prove to be of particular significance for forthcoming projects, which will understand their chances of acquiring pivotal funding will have markedly increased. As a key incubator platform, increasing the potential for financial backing and a larger network is huge.

Meanwhile, LaunchZone understands that its success will be affected by how they can positively influence and impact the projects they work with, this latest partnership will help them do that more effectively. 

What is LaunchZone?

Formerly known as BSCEX, LaunchZone has rebranded itself. LaunchZone describes itself as a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem that makes Binance off-chain services available on the Binance Smart Chain network. 

LaunchZone also offers a suite of products that allows its users to save on transaction costs and enjoy the benefits of decentralization. Users also have access to lending and borrowing features that leverage the power of DeFi. 

Find LaunchZone at the following resources and media pages:

Website | Twitter Telegram | Github

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