LaunchZone Announces Massive Acquisition of Sowing Network, BSC Army and ezDeFi

The new acquisition is a significant boost towards achieving this goal, showing its commitment to becoming one of the most robust BSC DeFi ecosystems.

LaunchZone Announce New Roadmap Update 

The fair-launch platform has dropped one of the most significant announcements for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. According to its Tweet thread on the 10th of July, LaunchZone (BSCex) has completed the acquisition of Sowing NetworkBSC Army, and ezDeFi. 

As a result, LaunchZone will better serve the community with this integration and compete more effectively in the BSC Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. 


The Biggest Acquisition on BSC?  

LaunchZone continues to expand and partner with many projects and crypto startups. The protocol aims to give its users a completely seamless crypto experience while helping crypto startups with fundraisers and software development to build effectively until they are independent. 

July 10th marks a significant milestone for the protocol as the acquisition will lead to increased scale, more relevance, and token utility. The Sowing Network will contribute its marketing capabilities and social tools to the LaunchZone ecosystem, paving the way for the new LaunchZone ecosystem — LZ Eco. This also includes the aquisition of BSCArmy.

Acquisition Details

The Sowing Network will support the new LZ Eco by providing a social infrastructure. BSC Army, on the other hand, will continue to perform independent operations under LZ’s management. As for ezDeFi, it will be called the LZ wallet, and its native tokens will be merged with LZ Eco tokens — LZ. 

The LZ token will be converted using a 1:1 ratio, while the conversion rate of the BSC Army Token (BARMY) and ezDeFi Token (ZD) to LZ will be disclosed soon. In addition, LZ Eco will launch a completely new token called LZP. It will be issued to the community as reward for their support. A new staking and yield farming system will be launched, allowing users to earn massive rewards by staking and providing liquidity

As part of the acquisition deal, the logo, social media profiles, and business names of all three protocols (The Sowing Network, LaunchZone, and ezDeFi) will be changed. Certain LaunchZone product names will also be changed. PoolX will be renamed to LZ Pool, SwapX will be called LZ Swap, and PadX will be changed to LZ Pad. However, LaunchZone’s airdrops and programs not mentioned here will remain unchanged. 


LaunchZone is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem built on BSC. The protocol’s mission is to make Binance’s off-chain services accessible on the blockchain, develop BSC applications, and promote DeFi features to ensure that users earn tokens and many other economic benefits. 


Final Thoughts 

With the new acquisitions, LZ Eco commits to supporting the community by delivering high-class products, compact services, and expanding BSC operations to other blockchains. In addition, the integration of BSC Army, ezDeFi, and the Sowing Network will add more value for holders of $BSCX.

Holding tokens on the rebranded LZ Eco will ensure participation in the long-term growth of the new ecosystem. In this light, users have the chance to be a part of LZ Eco’s value creation potential while also benefiting from one of the most significant acquisitions on the BSC.

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