Launch of opBNB Layer-2 Scaling Solution on Binance Smart Chain

Resolving Scalability and Cost Issues

This architecture aims to resolve some of the longstanding issues surrounding blockchain scalability and cost, making the technology more accessible and functional for developers and users alike.

Testing and Security

The testnet of the layer-2 solution was initiated in June followed by a limited mainnet release in August where a select number of infrastructure providers had exclusive access to gauge the network’s capabilities.

Arno Bauer, Senior Solution Architect at BNB Chain, emphasized that both scalability and security were of utmost importance throughout the development process. “Before opening the mainnet to the general public, strict criteria were met,” Bauer stated, highlighting the platform’s unwavering focus on performance and security metrics.

Components of opBNB Layer-2 Network

The layer-2 network, opBNB, comprises five separate yet interrelated networks. These include:

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