Launch Of New UND Staking Pools – All You Need To Know

Binance Smart Chain project SafeSwap Online seeks to connect companies and people to blockchain technology. SafeSwap’s staking platform allows users to stake tokens or currencies in exchange for other tokens or coins. Safe Swap Online uses this as a service to its customers and as an alternative form of passive income for those willing to stake coins on its site for an extended period.

The virtual currency market is expanding due to this innovative staking system, which is generating more currency flow. With the introduction of staking, many people have been able to earn a passive income quickly. It’s comparable to holding stocks and collecting dividends in many respects.

SafeSwap online launched staking pools in collaboration with UND. These UND Staking pools are comparable to savings pools in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols such as Safeswap online; however, these pools are project-specific and employ native coins for their protocols.

So, if you’re concerned about making a passive income by staking your assets on SafeSwap online, here is all you need to know about the UND staking pools you can start staking right now. Let’s learn about UND before diving in their staking pools.

About UND

Uncle NFT Dividends (available on the Binance Smart Chain) is a venture capital firm founded to develop a community of NFT collectors with a common goal of organically growing their exclusive NFT collections while diversifying their investment portfolios!

When you buy art from Uncle NFT on, you’re not only getting a piece of DeFi history, but you’re also potentially protecting your financial future by holding UND tokens and NFTs that generate weekly NFT dividends passively.

UND Staking Pools

Safeswap online collaborated with UND partners, and they have just established a completely new staking pool on their platform. As a result of the consolidation, they will have a better probability of validating blocks and receiving incentives. They will combine their resources and split the profits. In these pools, you can do the following:

  • Stake UND-BNB-LP and Earn UND
  • Stake UND and Earn UND

To get extra UND Tokens, you can stake your UND-BNB-LP & UND tokens. A total of 600,000,000,000,000 UND has been introduced to the SafeSwap environment, out of a total supply of 10,000,000,000, and will be claimable over the following 12 months.

Setting up and managing a staking pool on Safeswap online requires much knowledge and work. A pool will be less effective if the staking is overly open. Hence a limit is set for staking pools of UND.








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