Launch of a New Cryptocurrency, BeagleCake with CAKE Rewards

BeagleCake, a new cryptocurrency that pays its holders in CAKE, was just released. They have officially announced their presale on Oct 15th, at 1 PM UTC. 


PancakeSwap, the most popular DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has become something of a blockchain phenomenon in recent months, because to its high liquidity, diverse feature set, and large user base. Since its introduction in September 2020, the platform has grown dramatically in terms of both the number of users and the liquidity of supported assets, as well as the number of functions it offers.

PancakeSwap has evolved into a complete ecosystem of DeFi products, all centered on the platform’s primary utility currency, CAKE. It is now the most popular dApp on Binance Smart Chain in terms of volume and users.


NFT Marketplace on BeagleCake: The NFT Marketplace will be an open platform where users may buy and sell NFTs. A wallet link option will be implemented so users may deal directly within the marketplace, and the BEAGLECAKE token or CAKE can be utilized in the process. They may produce a series of limited BeagleCake NFTs with varying rarity options in the future.

The BeagleCake Lottery is a one-of-a-kind lottery system created to reward and incentivize our holders while also providing a game-like investing option within the BeagleCake platform. Lottery tickets can be purchased with BEAGLECAKE tokens, and the prizes will be distributed in CAKE. The development team will get 20-30% of lottery transaction fees, which will be used to buy back BEAGLECAKE tokens. 

What makes BeagleCake Unique? 

One of BeagleCake’s best features is its auto-claim mechanism, which allows users to earn CAKE rewards without paying any costs. This function is critical because, in today’s market, it is critical to fully serve customers’ expectations while maintaining convenience and simplicity. 

Besides, other unique features can be named as below:

The system of passive income generation allows investors to make income without having to work.

The token holders split all of the tokens cut in the contract into equal parts.

The contract keeps track of all token holders in an array. Depending on the transaction amount, the contract processes a set number of users and examines how many withdrawable dividends they have.

If a user’s amount of withdrawable dividends is more than the minimum threshold for auto-claims, the contract will either collect those payouts for CAKE or buy back tokens for them.

Relationship with CAKE

Holders of BeagleCake, a token on the same Binance Smart Chain, get rewarded in CAKE. On the Binance Smart Chain, BeagleCake will use CAKE automatic rewards. Instead of the typical tokens, investors will be compensated in the form of CAKE.

BeagleCake is a CAKE reflection token with a unique redistribution method. This feature is a technological milestone in the crypto market, and BeagleCake is one of the newest projects to offer it. The scope of CAKE will change in the modern economic world with the help of its auto-claim reward system, and BeagleCake will become the pioneers of this worldwide innovation. 

CAKE Rewards

A transaction fee is used by Cake Reflections to motivate holders, automated LP, marketing, and wallet buyback. To fund the CAKE rewards for holders, the token contract imposes the following charge on each transaction. 

Rewards as converted CAKE: 7% of each transaction

Automatically generating LP: 3% of each transaction

Converted CAKE in Buy back/ Marketing Wallet: 5% of each transaction

Dividends will be distributed based on three factors: the initial percentage authorized in the contract, the number of token holders, and the current token balance of the coin. There will be no need for investors to register or apply for anything. The greater the frequency of trades, the larger the piece of CAKE that will immediately come in the investor’s wallet. The number of BEAGLECAKE tokens issued will remain constant, and investors will continue to receive them. 


Name: BeagleCake Token

Supply: 100,000,000,000 BEAGLE

Chain: Binance Smart Chain


Decimals: 18

Token Sale:

3,000 BNB Hardcap

1,500 BNB Softcap

Max buy: 5 BNB; Min buy: 0.01 BNB

Initial Allocation: 

DxSale: 3%

Team/ Dev: 7%

Public Sale: 31.5%

Presale: 58.5%

Recently, the team has announced their presale to begin on October 15th, 1 PM UTC time and end October 18th, 1 PM UTC. Find out how to join the presale and start earning CAKE rewards: 

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