Latest Updates Regarding Sandman Finance Third Layer Despair: BSCN

The much-awaited Layer of Sandman Finance is here! The third layer of despair was launched on October 6th, 2021, and farming began on October 11th, 2021. Once the game is released, you can harvest despair and stake despair on vaults to gain prizes such as USDC. Before moving on to the third layer of despair, let’s talk about what Sandman Finance is and how long it has come.

If you’re seeking a safe and secure Yield Farm, NFT Profile, NFT Battles, NFT Farm, and Gambling powered by NFT, then you’ve come to the right place because Sandman finance has it all. Three layers have been launched out of the seven layers, and each layer has unique features such as vaults and NFTs.

This article will discuss despair vaults, NFT sales, and partnerships with Polysage, Jet fuel, and Pear cap networks. Continue reading to learn more about the third layer of despair. It’s time to explore what we will precede on their 7-layer route after a fantastic Layer 2 delirium and the Launch of third layer despair. Let’s go right into the fantasy!

About Sandman Finance:

Sandman finance has been listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges. However, unlike other major cryptocurrencies, it cannot be purchased using fiat currency. You may still buy this currency by first purchasing Bitcoin on any fiat-to-crypto exchange, then transferring to a deal that Trades this Coin.


Vaults are one of the unique features of each layer. All the seven layers have vaults, but we need to have some information on what vaults are?

Sandman moved farms a step further to help the community make more money by automating compounding without the need for investor engagement. A vault is an intelligent contract technique that uses a programming method to automate the multi-step process of auto-compounding your assets.

The auto-compounded benefits offered by Sandman Finance vaults are significantly higher than the non-compounded rewards offered by yield farms. This saves consumers time, money on petrol and ensures that their profits are protected.

NFT Card Sale:

As part of the community voyage in the sandman realm, the sandman finance team proudly delivered the Endless NFTs Cards. Sandman finance launches NFT cards in each layer.NFT’s Cards will be the Sandman Finance Gambling Engine. Each attribute will be generated at random via the Chain-link Randomness engine.

Sandman incorporates elements from a variety of launch techniques, including fair Launch and presale. In this approach, they increase security while also benefiting the community. Two sales are held for each layer before the actual sale of the despair token, and they conducted a presale of despair token. In our gray kingdom, you can unlock harvest earlier by guessing correctly on Matic Price behavior.

NFT’s Card skills will be unique and generated randomly using Chainlink VRF Oracles.

Generation 1

  • NFT Cards Remaining:387
  • Your NFT Card balance :0
  • Your USDC balance:0.00000
  • You can buy up to 5 NFT Cards
  • NFT Card Price: $10 USDC

BUY NFT Cards WITH USDC, JUST $10.Blocks remaining until sale active:0

  • Cards Remaining: 387

DELIRIUM Layer 2 Sales:

    This sale started on Wednesday 13rd -15:00 UTC approx. Each card will have a value of $10. Only 500 Cards were on sale, out of which many have been bought. This is a limited-time offer.

What Are Sandman’s NFT Cards?

The following things should be kept in mind by users to understand better what CARDS are and what they do.

• The NFT’s designs are based on the comic’s characters.

• Each Layer will be represented by a single character (1 CARD) (7).

• Each Layer will have its presale token, redeemable for the layer’s farming token at a 1:1 ratio.

How to Obtain NFT Cards?

There will be two methods for obtaining NFTs Layer (from our team). The team will execute an airdrop: An airdrop will take place between the 4th and 8th of October. It will be delivered via a Token Holder snapshot.

Public Auction:

A public auction of the NFT layer three tokens will be announced shortly!

What Is The Best Way To Use NFT Cards?

NFT’S CARDS can be used in one of two ways, at least for the time being. The first one is the kingdom, and the second is battles. Sandman finance’s kingdoms are pools from which users may earn DAI and other collaboration tokens as dividends.

Each layer will have a distinct name for this part. This region is known as the Gray Kingdom in Despair Layer (the present one). Any cardholder will be able to boost their earnings in the active Layer’s Kingdoms. Each card can only be used once per kingdom per layer.

Gray Kingdom:

The Gray Kingdom is a feature that rewards their community for keeping the DESPAIR token in their possession. To gain more tokens, stake the token despair. Playing the price prediction game (MATIC/USD) can help you get rid of the harvest lockup. Use the NFT Card Oracle and VFR Random powered by CHAINLINK to increase your prizes.


Sandman finance joined hands with other networks Polysage, Jetfuel, and Pearzap to move forward and make yield farming a better experience in layer three despair and overcome issues faced in Layer 2 delirium.

Jet fuel finance:

On Binance Smart Chain, a Fair-Launch Deflationary Yield Farming Ecosystem (BSC) is Jet fuel finance. Jetfuel is a Binance Smart Chain yield farming and aggregator platform that incorporates elements from the most popular DeFi projects like Compound, Fry. World, Yearn, and Harvest (BSC).

The Jet Vaults will harvest, sell, compound, and purchase tokens for you without you having to lift a finger, allowing you to optimize your returns without any effort. Jetfuel utilizes the revenues from the team wallet to kick-start new and innovative initiatives that include the Jetfuel platform. In the third Layer of Despair, you will be able to stake Layer two token delirium and get rewards. This whole process is automated by Sandman Finance continuity partners Jet fuel finance.


In PolySage, Despair Sandman Finance Layer 3 will include a dividend pool. Despair layer 3 is wonderful cooperation between Sandman Finance and PolySage.Both initiatives follow the same multi-tiered strategy of caring for the community while maximizing investment profits. The Jet Swap Ecosystem includes Polysage and Despair.

Joint Initiatives Of Polysage And Sandman Finance:

As a result of their partnership, you’ll be able to see:

  • Stake despair in the Gray Kingdom and win Sage a total of $5000 in tokens.
  • A Stake Sage, Earn Delirium pool may be found on Polysage.

It will be wonderful to be a member of this group!

Timeline of the Sage Gray Kingdom

The deposit will be available on October 9th at 10:00 UTC (approximately). Farming begins on October 10th at 23:00 UTC and lasts around five days.

Pear zap:

Pear Zap Finance is a novel Polygon Chain and BSC network-based secure yield farming project. The Pear zap project was conceived with the goal of infusing innovation into the present environment. Pear Zap is attempting to differentiate themselves from other Yield farms by providing:

  • Pools and fields with high APRs
  • A strong emphasis on smart contract security
  • Input from the community on critical decisions that must be made
  • Unique concepts, such as “the garden” and a multichain NFT platform

Because crypto moves quickly and discoveries will keep the buzz alive, we must be innovative and build throughout the journey. Hence to make this journey more wonderful, Sandman finance layer three despair will be a part of Pear zap.

We are pleased to announce this fantastic collaboration of Despair Sandman Finance layer 3 with Pear zap. Both initiatives follow the same multi-tiered strategy of caring for the community while maximizing investment profits.

Fair Launch

  • Presale for large liquidities at Launch and fast price stabilization
  • Presale initial liquidities locked

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