Latest Projects Onboarded to MVB IV Incubation Program

BNB chain announces the latest projects enrolled in the MVB IV program. The latest batch has the least number of onboarded projects and the highest applications since the event began.

MVB IV Program Reveals Latest Inclusions

After enrolling 29 projects over two batches, BNB Chain has selected five more projects for the third batch of its Most Valuable Builder (MVB IV) program. As a result, the network has now onboarded 34 projects since the start of the innovative program in January. 

BNB Chain published the five enrolled projects on February 26 via Twitter, and they would gain access to numerous benefits, including guaranteed investment offers. 

“We’re thrilled to introduce the 3rd batch of projects onboarded into the #MVBIV Incubation program. They will gain access to private events, receive mentorship & support, and other benefits,” the tweet read.


The second batch produced over 250 applicants, a significant increase from the first batch, which recorded over 130 applicants announced on January 25. The latest batch has lived up to expectations after BNB Chain received more than 300 applications for the incubation program. 

BSC News will keep updating readers about the innovative program till the conclusion in April 2022. Till then, we look forward to seeing more top projects onboarded as the MVB IV program continues to accelerate the growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem based on the MetaFi concept—building a smarter Decentralized Finance (DeFi) for the Web3 universe. 

Refer to the BNB Chain official Twitter announcement for the complete list of projects.

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