Landshare Launches Mobile Dashboard and Lists to Bitkan

The new developments bring added accessibility and exposure to the real-estate protocol on Binance Smart Chain.

Landshare Expands Exposure 

The real estate market is hitting the blockchain right onto your mobile phone. Landshare increased its exposure and accessibility with its mobile dashboard launch on January 11, followed by a listing on BitKan the following day. 

With both moves––announced on Twitter––Landshare brings the real estate investment process closer to users. All a user needs is a mobile phone to get into the real estate market with Landshare. Blockchain users can invest in real properties from all over the world or even have a stake in Landshare. 

“Our mobile launch is a step forward in making real estate investment accessible to everyone around the globe,” LandShare exclusively told BSC News. “We aim to make the process of investing and owning real estate as hassle-free and easy as possible. Allowing users to invest in tokenized real estate from their mobile devices brings us closer to that goal.”


The Landshare project’s focus on increased accessibility to the real estate market is groundbreaking. The recent mobile dashboard is just one step to improve the exposure of Landshare’s project. BitKan also listed the $LAND token, bringing access from over eight different exchanges.

“Another key component to bringing accessibility to investors is making it simple and straightforward to purchase the $LAND token. Our listing in Bitkan allows us to continue to spread our reach and allow more users than ever to invest in Landshare,” Landshare disclosed to BSC News.

Landshare was the first project on Binance Smart Chain to list and finalize a real-estate property sale. The sale may have been small at the time, but it is hopefully was the first of many to follow. Real estate and property is a global industry that has the potentiality for disruption by blockchain. The team at Landshare wants users to pay attention for more to come. 

“We are eager to introduce additional features that expand the utility of tokenized real estate, including NFTs, loans, and auto-compounding. The team is looking forward to sharing these developments with our community in the near future!” the project added. 

What is Landshare?

Landshare is a property platform built on Binance Smart Chain, created to bring real-world tangible assets on-chain. With Landshare, users can own a stake in yield generating tokenized real estate.

The platform works similarly to most yield protocols on the BSC network. Landshare generates value from rentals, real estate, and flipping properties rather than attaching revenue generation to tokenomics or intangible concepts. 

Where to find Landshare:

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